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  1. mtm100

    Moisture in oil, Flathead V8

    One thing I didn't mention is the silver engine was the first built. And the test bed for lots of run time and or abuse. It has hundreds of hours of run time. Seized 3 times but always cleans up to run another day. The red engine is a newer build with much less run time so moisture problems are...
  2. mtm100

    Moisture in oil, Flathead V8

    Thanks very much for the replies.I think the no spark, no fuel cranking might be the trick.
  3. mtm100

    Moisture in oil, Flathead V8

    Nope. 65-68F all the time. If I don't keep up with it. Makes a real mess.
  4. mtm100

    Moisture in oil, Flathead V8

    Good Morning, I'm wrapping up a flathead v8 project. One last nagging problem is moisture or water in the oil. This problem is occurring on engines without a liquid cooling system and are run for short periods of time for demo purposes. I assume that a engine run up to temperature with a...
  5. mtm100

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Mark and I live just outside Boston Ma. I'd like to introduce myself and offer and knowledge that I've picked up along the way. I'm a life long model maker. My dad was a tool maker and gunsmith with a extensive shop at home. So I started very young to run the machines and learn how to...