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    Press Fits

    Here is a You-tube Video on the Otis King Calculator aka slide rule.
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    Drill bits

    I checked their web site on 12/28/22. At $443.79 for a KnKut 29 piece set 1/16"-1/2" I will will pass on these drills although they may be perfect for other people.
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    Different spark plug material!

    I have not made spark plugs but I would assume potentially different theramal expansion rates between the insulator and the center electrode and the insulator and the insulator and the outer steel housing could be a real problem and cause plug failure. For instance if the center electrode has a...
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    Cast Iron Stress relief?

    Hi Guys, About 1967 I had the privilege to work with a machinist who worked at Curtis Wright making B29 engines. He said it was Curtis Wright practice to rough machine the cylinder and put them outside for about a year. In NJ that means temperatures from about 0-10 degrees F to about 100 degrees...
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    Chinese Girl Machinist

    She is awesome! When I ran a Plant Engineering Dept in a big printing company, years ago, I would have hired her in a instant if she applied for a mechanics job. Fantastic!
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    For Sale Mitutoyo Dial Caliper

    Hi Circlip, I never said my Mitutoyo were dial - just my my Etalon calipers. Lets talk machine shop stuff not 8th grade writing.
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    For Sale Mitutoyo Dial Caliper

    I have seen so many apparent counterfits on Amazon that I just bought my Mitutoyo through a long established local machine shop supply house. I have a good set of guage blocks and i tested some cheap digital calipers I have and they were off by 0.001", or a bit more, at many locations. Good...
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    CAD /Autocad Help

    If the machinists were "union" and the draughtsman was "management" I had a similar experience. About 1971 I worked in a factory (Western Electric) with about 18,000 employees at that location. I was walking through the shop and bumped into a lady holding a tray of about 600-800 electronic parts...
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    CAD /Autocad Help

    Zeb, I am 74 years old and first learned 2D drafting in 1961. That was followed by a BSIE and 52 years of engineering experience in various industries. I love the Spitfire drawing and all its' dimensions. In retirement, I teach a few machine shop labs at a local university. The drawings the...
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    CAD /Autocad Help

    I have downloaded, installed, and tested NanoCAD. It works great and has great similarity to older versions of AutoCAD. I love it. HOWEVER, it is a RUSSIAN product and I will probably remove it from my computer because of that.
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    Can We Talk CAM Programs?

    I teach, in part, a beginning CAD course at a local university. I have found a program called CAMotics very useful to simulate students code. It is a open sourse program and is totally free. You may like it to simulate your CAD code. Just Google "CAMotics".
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    How to limit swarf into the chuck ?

    On the topic of chucks, why do USA brand chucks (Cushman, Atlas, South Bend Logan, etc.) have only one pinion to tighten the chuck and China made chucks have 3? I would expect China's inexpensive chucks to have one pinion based on cost considerations. I suspect the reason is using the same...
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    Quick Change Tool Post - Need Advice

    Chinese made stuff can be variable in quality. However, Shars seems to carefully watch their supplier quality and i have gotten a quite nice 3 jaw chuck from them. I bought several of their of their 1" outside micrometers for the University where I run their Mechanical engineering machine shop -...
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    Black smoke from steam engines

    My engineering interest area is primarily other related topics. I had no idea firing a boiler was so complicated. Very interesting. Thanks. Henry
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    Necessary/desired machine tools?

    Like visiting any historic site, you may want to know more about it so you know what to expect. Try typing "Fort Hancock, New Jersey"into Wikipedia to start. Most of the Batteries (cannon installations) have entries in Wikipedia. You can get their names in the Fort Hancock article. Battery...
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    Necessary/desired machine tools?

    Rust can be a very strange creature. I belong to a historic group that is restoring Battery Gunnison at the Gateway National Park (NY city area). I have a WW2 vintage lathe, shaper, milling machine, and drill press alng with tools and tooling. The strange part is the machine shop is located in...
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    Ambitious ORC Turbine

    R123 is one of the refrigerants that has negative impacts on ozone and CO2. Check Wikipedia or other sources. As a hobby, I would not want to contribute these problems even in a trivial way.
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    Downsizing to a smaller lathe

    One option I would like to mention is renting a 1 or 2 car garage in the neighborhood and putting in some insulation and a heater. About 1967-8, while studying for my BSIE engineering degree, I worked part time for a machinist who was getting all the aerospace jobs he could handle in a rented 2...
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    Mystery tool

    In the "old days", when I went to my University to get my BSME, I used a slide rule for calculations and had a "pocket protector". It had the University name on it. It keep my shirt pocket from getting stained from the leaking ball point pens/markers/highlighters used to note particularly...
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    Centre drilling jig

    I forgot to mention. You need a milling machine or an x-y table for this to work.