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    Two Stroke Reed Valve Material

    Do you have access to a laser cnc machine or someone who has one? I built a cnc router machine and am considering adding a laser to it. I know there are 3d printer/cnc router, engravers / laser cutting machines ideal for hobby use. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    Engine won't start

    I had a similar problem. It turned out to be the ignition timing magnet would slip on the shaft . Good luck and keep us posted. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    Home built 1/8th Rider Ericsson Hot Air Pumping Engine

    Will the files be available in the download section? Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    Mery Explosive Engine

    Please share the pictures. Cheers, Andrew
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    DRO recommendation for Mill

    My TouchDRO has been a game changer to my X2 mini mill. I found that the dials on the handles did not give the right feel when the backlash was taken up. The accuracy now achievable make the conversion worthwhile. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    Looking for plans

    The a look at the Webster engine. Plans are free. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    1/8 Rider Ericsson - Home build

    Love your work. Are you using the plans published in the Model engineering magazine? Will you be making the 3d printed files available? Cheers Andrew in Melbourne.
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    Would Appreciate some advice on "Electric Furnaces"

    I purchased a desktop furnace off ebay. I git the 2Kg unit. Kit is great for small quantities but the crucible is long and narrow which prevents me using the muffin pan ingots I had prepared before. I would suggest getting the 3Kg version. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    Super easy sand muller

    I tried using Bocce balls in my cement mixer today. The mulling certainly make the sand feel smoother and break much cleaner then before. I am a Happy camper. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne.
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    Super easy sand muller

    Thanks for sharing. I was about to cut up an old cement mixer and add scrapers and spring loaded wheels in the bowel. Your way is much better. Now to find two metal balls. Perhaps some old cannonball s will do? Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    Injected Diesel 56cc 2 Stroke, Will it ever work?"

    Fantastic work. Amazing to see the bag fill and build pressure. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    Horizontal Air Cooled Engine

    My Webster rings we made from the rear brake cylinder of a mini. I know that they would be good quality metal. Should I do it again I would make a mandrel to match the inside bore, super glue the brake cylinder them turn the outside round. Last time I used the 4 jaw chuck and it was a...
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    My first gasoline engine

    What have you set the ignition timing to? If fuel is present on the spark plug then fuel is getting through. You will have to play with the mixture and ignition timing. Also look for air leaks between the intake and carburettor. A quick test is timing put some oil on the joint. If the...
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    A 15cc sidevalve opposed twin

    I discovered that the spray bottles of isopryl alcohol are not damaged by acetone. I now use acetone spray to complete the ABS parts I print. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    Horizontal Air Cooled Engine

    I discovered that the spark plug thread is not normal M8. It has an 1mm pitch. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    Felgiebel 16,6

    Congratulations. Keep it up and you will go far. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    Eachine et1 ignition problem (bangood hit and miss engine)

    Check the hall afect transistor. It can slip out the holder. 1mm out and there is no spark.
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    Very nice models.
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    Hit or miss engine igniter

    A suitable source of soft iron is from transformers. The steel will work but not as well as soft iron. Cheers, Andrew in Melbourne
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    How to Scale Up An Engine

    I would appreciate a copy of the plans please. Andrew in Melbourne