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    Sieg lathe motor conversion

    Nikhil, Have you considered obtaining the necessary parts from Sieg (or one of their dealers) in order to convert your C4 Lathe to an SC4. I have owned an SC4 for about six years, and have found the brushless DC motor and controller to be very good. Positive notes regarding the SC4...
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    Horizontal Milling Adapter for a Bench Top Vertical Mill

    Many thanks for your suggestions. I especially like the idea of regrinding an End Mill, or making a suitably shaped D-Bit. (Luckily I do have a Chinese made D-Bit Grinder that I was given after it was flood damaged - new bearings everywhere and a thorough clean and some general fitting work...
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    Horizontal Milling Adapter for a Bench Top Vertical Mill

    Greetings, I have a small bench top vertical milling machine (a Sieg SX2.7 photo attached for info) that I've owned for seven years now. It's proven to be a very capable machine for the work that I do. Recently, I've started on a new project that requires me to machine three gear racks, with...
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    Sieg SX2 or SX2.7

    I have had a Sieg SX2.7 for about three years now. Out of the box, it needed a good cleaning to get the sticky anti-rust grease cleaned off, and then a thorough lubrication of all of the sliding surfaces and the lead screws.. Also, all of the gibs needed to be adjusted, as the gibs were all...
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    G'day from Australia

    Doc, Who needs an excuse. Good quality mini lathes; are not expensive, are very reliable, and are very versatile. If you're like me, you'll find one excuse to buy a minilathe, and five years later you'll have hundreds of excuses, along with a much expanded hobby ( and probably a whole heap of...
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    Milling a circle

    Hi PaulC, A drawing or rough sketch of what you're trying to make would be helpful ...... Does the circular piece need to be perfectly circular ? If the circular piece does not need to be perfectly circular - then I'd approach the problem by marking our the circular piece, and then cutting...
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    Also allows easy mounting of limit switches if you install an X Axis Power Feed to the mill.
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    how to remove silver plate from copper?

    werowance I have had a good bit of success re-plating and repairing the existing plating, on old silver plated items (mainly decorative plates, tea pots, cuttlery, etc). Caswell Plating (or if you're in Australia - sell...
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    Struggling to tap some stainless.

    Don't bother going to the expense of trying to import Moly Dee into the UK. Just look for a tapping compound at your local supplier, that mentions stainless on the label. If you're using HSS taps, they should cut 303 Stainless OK, and if you use a suitable lubricant, it should be fairly easy...
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    Safety Turning

    I have a small Sieg (SC4-550) Lathe, which, as mentioned elsewhere in this thread, is typical of most small lathes in not having the power or rigidity to run a sufficiently high feed rate to chip break stainless steel and similar troublesome materials. In an effort to improve this situation, I...
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    Air Compressor for mist system?

    Myrickman, I don't know where you're located, but you might be able to find the following style of compressor from a supplier in your country. I've been using one for a while, and at 55dB, it is not silent...
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    Help tapping small threads, please

    Look for High Speed Steel Taps - not the cheaper High Carbon Steel taps. With small size taps, it is very important to use exactly the right size drill - just a tiny bit too small a hole will be disastrous, and just a tiny bit too large a hole, and the thread will be weak. Look up the right...
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    How to purchase a new mini lathe in Northern Europe

    Have a look at Arc Euro Trade ( They have a wide range of equipment, at good prices. They are located in the UK. Occasionally, they have free shipping within Europe.
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    A source for music wire

    Most RC Model suppliers stock a wide range of spring steel wire (mostly called "Piano Wire"). The RC Modellers use it for control surface pushrods and pullrods in the smaller wire sizes, and for undercarriage legs in larger wire sizes. You'll find a wide range of spring steel wire listed on...
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    Australian Members; Looking for a Metal Lathe

    The forum has a used equipment for sale/wanted part on their forum. It is an Australian based, and 99% of the stuff for sale is based in AU. I've bought a lot of stuff from the forum members over the years. RoyG
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    Brass and super heated steam

    A 25 Bar Steam Mono-Tube Boiler ? I don't think so. I think we need to fix that typo for safety reasons. It would be good if the original poster could correct the typo. I think the figure was meant to be "5.1 bar (approx 75 psi)", NOT "25 bar (75 psi)". I don't think we want any beginner...
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    Arduino based CNC

    If you're looking for an affordable 3D Printer Kit (US$ 198.00 including freight from China) then have a look at the Tevo Tarantula. The base model can print anything that can fit within it's 200mm x 200mm x 200mm printing space. I use my Tarantula to print casting patterns using PLA filament...
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    Problem with the new lathe

    John, It might be a silly question, but ...... have you tried turning the motor over by hand with the power turned off ? I just took the belt off my SC4 to see what the motor felt like, and it rolls over silky smooth, and if I apply a radial load to the motor pulley, there is no discernible...
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    Electrolysis, and cast iron.

    Back on topic re Rust Removal from Cast Iron. I have successfully used electrolysis to remove rust from Cast Iron. According to the theory text books Hydrogen Embrittlement may occur with any ferrous metal that is subjected to an electrolysis type process, and some other processes. Whether...
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    The new lathe

    John, I just noticed your post re not being able to buy Way Oil. Minitech in Canberra have Mobil Vactra ISO 68 Way Oil in half litre bottles, and they can post it to you. Hope that helps, Blanik