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  1. J

    New UK member

    Welcome Allan, ex pat from Cheadle now on the Canadian wet coast. John 🇨🇦
  2. J

    Painting aluminum castings problems and questions.

    Aircraft paint shop for stripper. I've stripped a couple of a/c for painting, the stuff was formulated for aluminum. Friggin expensive in a 5 gallon pail but you might be able to get a donuts worth at the airport. Zinc chromate can be sourced there too. On line supplier Aircraft Spruce will...
  3. J

    Needle bearings in a model diesel ?

    Would the difference in hardness between the rollers and the crank be a consideration ? John 🇨🇦
  4. J

    1/3rd Scale Case Hay Press

    Putting the all in DoAll since 1941 in my case. I bought my ML 16 as a project as it was 550v 3 phase. Turned out, in reality, to be 220v 3 phase so I just pressed it into service as is. Amazing tool, just love it. Need to make a sled for it and I'd like to get a work light for it. Any thread...
  5. J

    1/3rd Scale Case Hay Press

    Hey, that looks like my DoAll work bench in post #4. 😂 John 🇨🇦
  6. J

    What have you been doing today?

    Well I've been finishing up lots of little projects today but the first thing I did is earth shattering. About 10 years ago my wife found a zippered hoody for a couple of bucks at the Sally Anne. It was great and quickly became my favorite article of clothing. Then a year or so ago the zipper...
  7. J

    Flywheel Foolishness

    If you have a rotary table, what about making the center solid and then make your 1" holes. Leave a small tab on the inboard and outboard circumference and then simply bend the halves to form louvers. Make any sense ? John
  8. J

    Head gasket

    I saw that but didn’t watch it, just figured the guy doesn't know much or he's never heard of exhaust valves. Maybe it's just me, I have been known to exhibit a little cynicism from time to time.
  9. J

    Head gasket

    Would a copper gasket possibly work ? What I'm thinking is if you took a fine strand (0.010" maybe) of copper out of a multi strand wire and coil it two or three times around in a single layer in the appropriate spot. A dab of grease might help hold it during installation. Just an idea with no...
  10. J

    Wanted Casting Kits

    KJ, re. the Blondihacks video, Joe Pi did that engine too. Two different creators, two different approaches. BH is hobbyists, "this is what I did and this is how I fixed it " whereas JP is master machinist, " this is how I do it ". Lessons in both vids. John 🇨🇦
  11. J

    Thanks for letting me join from NW Washington State

    Well it's a heck of a long way when you put it like that 🤣 John 🇨🇦
  12. J

    Thanks for letting me join from NW Washington State

    Richard, Moses Lake isn't that far. This is a link to a description and history of their trains. It is a forestry museum so not full on trains but still cool, especially when they run steam. I was last there this last summer...
  13. J

    Thanks for letting me join from NW Washington State

    I'm in Sooke just outside Victoria although I prefer to think Victoria is just outside Sooke. Forty miles up the island in Duncan we have three Shays at the BC Forest Museum (although they have changed their name). Certainly cool and one place I have enjoyed visiting since a kid. John 🇨🇦
  14. J

    How to get a mirror finish on aluminum

    Not sure how it would work with your application but to maintain a polish on aluminum aircraft panels I would shake "the magic powder " out of a J and J baby powder bottle and buff the panel with a soft dry rag. Worked great, fast, easy and would last a year with regularly flown, hangar kept...
  15. J

    Engine seals

    Years ago, just post 9-11 I ordered some small screws from MC. The lady was very helpful and pleasant and assured that she would be happy to accept a Canadian VISA and ship to me in Canada. Forty minutes later I received a call from MC and a different lady, or woman at least, who very rudely...
  16. J

    V-TWIN---MAYBE V-4

    Well yes indeed, the contrast of brass and steel, the balanced symmetry all blended brilliantly with the red necked cludgery of the Home Depot oil filler. 😂
  17. J

    Wanted I need a part made...

    K2, Yes, a very similar approach indeed and by your location and the fact that your taper is not aligned parallel or perpendicular to the bolt hole axis I presume you are the other individual in contact with Bill off group. I had considered bolts but as I was planning on grinding the finished...
  18. J

    Wanted I need a part made...

    Well to end speculation the parts are indeed steel. Made from a chunk of 8x8x 3/8 structural tube salvaged from a construction site. I offered to make these parts for Bill as I thought they were an opportunity for me to learn something. Work holding could be and was a challenge. The way I...
  19. J

    Wanted I need a part made...

    Sorry to hear you find this thread to be " nonsense ". I would just suggest that there are a few members whom have taken the time to constructively comment and whilst the " project " in this case is at 100% scale it is still both engine and machining in nature. Myself, I get the update email...
  20. J

    Wanted I need a part made...

    I can do these out of steel for you. My one question is, in the drawing in your first post you show side a and b and a 1/16" difference in thickness. Can you confirm the angle of the taper is parallel to these sides as opposed to the line of the mounting holes ? Oh yeh, is the taper all on one...