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    LYCOMING VO-435 - Bell 47G-2 Engine

    I don't have anything on this particular engine, but your message does bring up a memory. I have a full size Lycoming IO-320. When I got that engine, it came with some fascinating blueprints. I should dig them up when I get back home (3 weeks) and see if they were internal prints or just...
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    Cheap storage

    There are a host of reputable vendors of thumb drives, Sandisk included. The problem now, however, is that it seems like Amazon exercises almost zero quality control over the products listed on their site. Counterfeit products are rife in China, which results in those being listed on Amazon...
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    Stepper motor Alternator

    So... What you are saying is that we can justify our motors to our spouses now as being "Emergency Preparedness" devices for that rainy day when the power goes out.... I *like* it!
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    Experimental Flash Steam and others

    Richard... Honestly, input frequency probably doesn't really matter, and here is the reason why.... VFDs work by rectifying the AC inputs so that they can create a high voltage DC bus inside the VFD. That bus has some big capacitors on it. Anyhow, the computer *generates* the three phase...
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    For Sale Minnie 1inch scale traction engine 90% complete

    I think that the most logical question that everyone will be asking is... What do you want for it?
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    Gypsy Engine

    Patience indeed, but very interesting. It reminds me of die casting, something my family was heavily involved in... I'm curious what type of aluminum you are using. I know we used 356 as one of the dominant alloys in die casting, but I'd be hard pressed to say what benefits it has over other...
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    For Sale Free device--what is it?

    DC servo motor with an encoder, for those that don't know... You must have been wanting to do a CNC conversion on a small machine at some point in your life! Well, 20 years ago, at least! LOL
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    Wanted Wall 30cc Single Cylinder Drawings

    Hi Tim, I have some trips coming up so I'm not sure I'll be able to help you here for a bit. The bigger problem is that I bought my Wall is that I bought it almost a side note. My main interest were a few other engines. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in the Wall, it just means that...
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    Wanted Wall 30cc Single Cylinder Drawings

    I *think* I may actually have a plan sheet for this... The trouble is, I'm not exactly sure where! I think it is in a box with the engine, in a storage locker. :-( I'd have no problems helping you out, but I don't have any immediate plans to go searching for the plans....
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    Deals on Alibre

    Hmmm, I'm a hardware engineer, turned software... hmmm :) I actually think your point is well made. I'm a product of the University of California system. Did I learn much? Not really. Frankly, I think the UC system, although good, fails in one important way. It teaches mostly theory and...
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    South Bend SB1001 8X18 Lathe

    :confused:..... You are right! :santa:
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    South Bend SB1001 8X18 Lathe

    Just an FYI, but your your (MikBul) information in the left bar doesn't say where you are located, and the listing also doesn't have any clues (I have to admit... I feel like I must be missing something). And, yes, if you look at mine you'll say, "well, that isn't any good..." That is true...
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    For Sale Engine model books

    Well, egg on my face then! Congratulations! It is always good to see things go to a new home where they will be appreciated.
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    For Sale Engine model books

    OK, it looks like you have five books, then, that you want to sell for $200. One of these is a Coles catalog, and one is the build information for a 'Little Engines' O gauge engine (either copy or original). My sense is that you are asking a pretty penny for these. I'm guessing that you found...
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    For Sale Engine model books

    Without prices, it becomes a fishing expedition. Most of us don't care do get involved in trying to figure out what someone wants... It is probably beneficial for you to state what your asking price is.
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    Les Chenery's Monosoupape

    Contact Andrew in #48 for the castings. Be aware that he is not a business, however. He may or may not have castings available. The plans can be purchased from Chenery's son (John IIRC). His email is earlier in this thread. Both are in England so you'll have shipping, and the two parties are...
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    Deals on Alibre

    My guess is that this was defensive on their part. Structurally, I suspect that PDF tags text as a different object type, which is why Alibre "knows" it is text. At that point, the developer needed to know what to do with the data. To try and figure out what is being dimensioned is a...
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    Autodesk Fusion 360 or other free software?

    I'll add IntelliCAD CMS (Compatible CAD Software for .DWG files - CMS IntelliCAD - Products) into the mix. They have a gazillion flavors (too many, really) of the application available. They have frequent sales of up to 50% off, but the one I chose was a perpetual license, perpetual update...
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    Deals on Alibre

    You'd have to have a pretty specialized import tool that would take PDF and create a solid from it. That is an interesting idea though, and I wonder if anyone has created such a beast. It would definitely be a niche tool, and not a simple task to code/develop. Even having something capable of...
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    Deals on Alibre

    Thank you Mike.... I will definitely look at Vectrix. I'm off to my Thanksgiving dinner now, so this will have to wait. Top on my list is whether or not it is CAD CAM or just CAM. If the latter, then would you recommend it being paired with Alibre Atom? 4th axis is something I want. I've...