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    yet another ring design thread, hot vs cold forming

    Tom Schwartz's MEB #27 article was "Free Gap without Annealing" . William Shaefter had an o-ring article in #15. There are other ring related items in various editions. Philip Duclos wrote a build article for his "Odds 'n Ends Hit 'n Miss Engine" published in Home Shop Machinist. He described...
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    SIEG KX-1 KX-2 parallel interface board repair/replacement suggestions

    I currently have bi directional motion on 3 axis. With the failed high direction signal, jog in both directions results in same direction offset. Reassigning motor drive output to a spare pin restores bi direction control. Al 4 of my motor drivers seem to be working; I swapped Z to the...
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    SIEG KX-1 KX-2 parallel interface board repair/replacement suggestions

    Thanks, Board looks like the one for Vx1/KX3 you mentioned. LMS parts pictures match the installed board. I have 2 different computers both running with Mach 3 via integrated motherboard parallel adapters. Adapter issue seems less likely. I don't know why the IO ports failed. In each...
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    Issues with Solidworks Military Services Education Program - No Fulfillment

    Thanks for the feedback. Seems like some other folks are getting expected responses. I'm aware of 4 other folks with a history of fulfillment issues.. I just got an email form Solidworks student support telling me they closed my support request because another applicant had an email issue...
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    SIEG KX-1 KX-2 parallel interface board repair/replacement suggestions

    I have a KX-1 CNC mini mill sold by Little Machine Shop that has lost three direction motor output channels. Pins are stuck active low regardless of commanded direction. Losses occurred incrementally over a couple of weeks and my work around was to reassign spare output pins via Mach3. With...
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    Issues with Solidworks Military Services Education Program - No Fulfillment

    It seems some applications for the Solidworks annual education version of are getting "lost". I'm wondering if the problem is larger than the 6 instances I'm aware of. I have been a grateful user since the days the installation media was delivered on CD via the post office. I've found...
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    Can We Talk CAM Programs?

    As I understand your problem DeskProto v 5 was working and DeskProto v7 produces strange tool path artifacts from the same STL input. Have you verified that? What does the Mach3 toolpath display look like if you set Z above the part an just run the rod program...
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    G-Code error HELP!

    Suggestion: load the G-code file into a text editor like Notepad++ (with line numbers turned on) and search for lines containing Z -0.3 to identify the offending motion commands. Focus on 3rd pass and expect a large X axis move (several cm) in the same line or just after. If you can find the...
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    Camshaft calc for milling cam

    I was able to download with Firefox from Dropbox without an account. Note that spreadsheet wants lift entered in thousandths with base and flank radii in inches. PDF has snips from the spreadsheet using dimensions as posted. Machining coords every 3 deg. If you want every 4 deg, use every...
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    Small digital tach

    You might do a search for digital tachometer on EBay and/or There are several varieties offered. I wonder if a reed switch would be less sensitive to magneto generated EMI than a Hall effect sensor.
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    Gear cutting

    You can preserve shaft distance with different modules by adjusting the number of teeth. pitch diameter is N x M, so PD =36 x .5 = 18 some modules that will have PDs of 18 with an even number of teeth are PD = 45 x .4 = 18 PD = 90 x .4 = 36 PD = 36 x .5 = 18...
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    Can I trigger an RCEXL CDI ignition with a "typical" Hall switch?

    Search for a Hall Effect Sensor data sheet for background info. I suspect the numbers on the sensor are a specific model number used by the manufacture. The sensitivity of the sensor and strength of the magnet are typically not critical for model engine ignition timing applications. Wire it...
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    Best ignition System for Single Cyl. IC engines.

    Suggest you get issue #34 of Model Engine Builder magazine ( for a detailed article on ignition systems, including information on the Sage Gedde design with improvements over the TIM-6. Transistor switching with Hall Effect sensors or reed switches are very...