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    For Sale Original Dick Shelly Galloway 1/3 Kit

    Don, the shelly galloway is sold, but I have the same kit by Ministeam. Let me know if you are intrested. emAIL ME @ [email protected]
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    For Sale Original Dick Shelly Galloway 1/3 Kit

    I have a original Dick shelly 1/3/Galloway, un-machined complete kit with gears, prints and castings in iron and bronze. Asking $600.00 + $75 for shipping maury
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    Painting aluminum castings problems and questions.

    My experience is that paint does not stick to aluminum reliably without being cleaned thoroughly and primed. Additionally, the only primer that I know of that actually works is zinc chromate. This is a very nasty carcinigen, and must be treated with the most care and respect. Don't get it on...
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    Wanted helical gear set for model engine

    GreenTwin, I am working on this same problem for an engine kit I have that did not include the timing gears. You neglected to give a very critical piece of information: the c/c shaft spacing. This number will be equal to the sum of the pitch diameters (Pd) for the pinion and the gear. The Pd...
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    Forest and Gallice

    Seadragon, thank you for the pictures. It looks like you are making some good progress. I didn't really keep track of how many kits I sold, happy customers were more important than quantity of sales. It's going to be more than 10 and less than 100. I have sold the patterns to Melvin Huyard who...