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  1. Parksy

    Parksy's v4

    Hi rubyfocus, yes still around. Life has been hectic the last year and haven’t been on here as much as I’d like. I’m fairly certain the firing order information is in this thread somewhere. Valve timing wise, both camshafts are made identical, and I’m also sure the specs...
  2. Parksy

    Epoxy fillings for SC2 mini lathe

    I too would like to see these pictures.
  3. Parksy

    Project of the Month - March 2017

    Congrats Andrew! Excellent job on the engine!
  4. Parksy

    Longboy's "BEST FRIEND FOUR" model gas engine.

    Looking good longboy. Will be following this build. Oh and you have no idea how much it pleases me that someone is using my idea.:)
  5. Parksy

    Electrolysis, and cast iron.

    I've plated cast iron with nickel. Can be done.
  6. Parksy

    Ghosty's "V" Twin

    Drill a hole in the centre of it and loctite a rod in place. Use a trepaning tool to cut a deep and wide enough groove into the side so you can use the lathe chuck to hold it. This is how I make 100mm steel flywheels on the sieg sc3 lathe.
  7. Parksy

    Panther Pup Help - Won't Run!

    I had issues starting my v4 and it was an electrical issue. I tried running it with glow plugs on nitro fuel and it started right away. If you have the ability to try a glow plug, I highly recommend it.
  8. Parksy

    Vertical I.C. Rupnow Engine

    Herbie, i would try and run it with a vapour carb for trouble shooting purposes. Doesnt need to be anything fancy, just a glass jar and some tubing. Just to see if you get a different result.
  9. Parksy

    Ghosty's "V" Twin

    Anything that produces an uneven firing pattern within the 720 degrees is good in my books. Purely from a sound perspective.
  10. Parksy

    Radial engines

    Thank you all for your responses. I would love to make a radial engine one day and in my mind, the cam ring and gears to drive it would be the hardest part of the project.
  11. Parksy

    Radial engines

    What sort of bore to stroke ratio do radials generally have? Do they run a flywheel? I assume they run a dry sum system. What are the critical oiling points inside?
  12. Parksy

    Radial engines

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate this information. Gbritnell, I meant to say four stroke, not four cylinder. I seem to do that a lot...
  13. Parksy

    Radial engines

    Hi all I was wondering how people go about machining the cam ring in four stroke radial engines. A conventional cam is relatively straight forwards to machine using a mill and rotary table. Can a cam ring be done in a similar fashion? Things I've learnt so far are that a 9cylinder radial has...
  14. Parksy

    Project of the Month - December 2016

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the recognition and all the help I've needed along the way. This is a nice and warm fuzzy feeling.
  15. Parksy

    Parksy's v4

    Held the phone to the side and it works perfectly. Thanks cogsy.
  16. Parksy

    Engine on the Fly

    Excellent work Ghosty. This didn't take much time at all. Was that the first attempt at starting?
  17. Parksy

    Good Old Aussie Post

    Let me guess, Aust post? They've increased prices, reduced delivery days and the CEO is one of Australia's highest income earners. Terrible.
  18. Parksy

    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    Here's to a quick and speedy recovery Terry. All the best and look forwards to your return with good health. Andrew
  19. Parksy

    Drill rod and silver steel

    Check out a seller on eBay called offcuts galore. They sell silver steel/drill rod.
  20. Parksy

    Valve seat cutting

    Hi all I wanted to post an update on this as it may (or not) benefit someone. While making the valve cages for the v4 engine, I did try using a 90 degree chamfer to cut the seat. I did this while the valve cage was still chucked on the lathe and not yet parted off. Once the valves were...