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  1. PSP

    Myford oiler - advice needed

    Works for me.
  2. PSP

    Myford oiler - advice needed

  3. PSP

    Hello from Somerset, UK.

    My ML7, Amalco & Centec 2 live in Southwest Devon, sharing a garage with a 800 Tiger. Good to know there's a few like-minded people in this part of the world. Andy
  4. PSP

    Building the Trevithick engine

    Brian, Just terrific, marvellous work. On behalf of other lurkers like myself, please keep posting. Regards, Andy For anyone interested in the Beam Engines at Pool shown in the Mark Williams videos:
  5. PSP


    "My old foreman moulder would have been last seen chasing him through Glasgow south ,into Glasgow Central and then Glasgow east holding a long rammer to shove up his posterior." I too have seen this sort of behaviour in Glasgow. A place best avoided, in my opinion. Andy