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  1. GrahamJTaylor49

    boiler explosion. what not to do.

    Hi Steamchick, What Bike have you got? Graham (Grum)T.
  2. GrahamJTaylor49

    Hello Members , Greetings from England .

    Hi Steve, Welcome to the group. I'm in Dorset, If you are close let me know, I might be able to help you. Regards, Graham (Grum) T.
  3. GrahamJTaylor49

    Wrong way fly cutter

    Had a 36 foot Fishing boat, talk about a money pit. Mind you, we did have a lot of fun in it, Scuba diving the south coast of the UK, Wreck diving and the use of high explosives to salvage brass and bronze. Fresh Mackerel, and sun bathing whilst waiting for our six hours before we could dive...
  4. GrahamJTaylor49

    Tap sizes

    I did my apprenticeship as an aircraft toolmaker and I've never come across "Serial Taps". That does'n mean that they don't exist, but I don't know where I would use them. Spiral Flute taps are brilliant as are Spiral Point taps. I've sets of taps from 10 BA up to 2" BSF and 50mm x 2mm metric...
  5. GrahamJTaylor49

    has the price of steam engine castings gone up with COVID

    You ask if the price of castings has gone up. Yes it has, but taking into account the size of market place it doesn't surprise me. Stuart Turner used to be in London, They then moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands and were finally taken over by Bridport Foundry. I purchased a set of castings...
  6. GrahamJTaylor49

    Wrong way fly cutter

    As an apprentice tool maker we were taught that there are three hands, Right hand, Left hand and cack hand. This was for all those bits that were made the wrong hand when we wasted time remaking them the opposite hand. Engineering, what a bloody silly game.
  7. GrahamJTaylor49

    Just a little humor. Christmas gift wrap

    Once she has discovered how to cut up her fingers you can always use a staple gun to hold it all back together. My wife stay's well clear of the play room. There are some items in there that even I shouldn't play with. Happy Christmas to all on HMEM and I look forward to the next years miss haps.
  8. GrahamJTaylor49

    Hello from Ealing. West London

    Don't you mean "Nevil Shute Norway"?
  9. GrahamJTaylor49

    Hello to you all

    I havn't come across these Chinese "Quiet" air compressors yet but the reason that Bambi stopped producing them was because the couldn't get anyone to make the piston rings. They used to buy the compressor pumps in from a manufacturer in Sweden, strip them down and machine the pistons and fit a...
  10. GrahamJTaylor49

    Hello from Ealing. West London

    If you like a good read try Nevil Shutes book "Trustee from the Tool Room". I picked it up when I was about 13 and it changed my life. I told my mother that I was going to be a Tool Maker and after a five year apprenticeship with Vickers and BAC and an engineering degree course with Loughborough...
  11. GrahamJTaylor49

    Hello to you all

    The air drill should be an air spindle, designed and originally produced by ABL of Ferndown, Dorset. This company has been taken over by a Chinese company. There is also another company called ABDev. And former was a client of mine and the latter is still a client of mine. Dental surgeries...
  12. GrahamJTaylor49

    Hello to you all

    Hi Steamchick and Balta, I've been selling air compressors for the best part of 45 years and have found that the small dental compressors sold by Bambi are the most reliable and quiet on the market. Unfortunately they have stopped making the oil lubricated units so the best option is to look on...
  13. GrahamJTaylor49

    Chinese MT reamers .

    Have made my own reamers from time to time, That is one job that really can be fun. Chambering reamer for 0.30 Wolf for long range pistol shooting. .460 Weatherby necked down to .30 cal. Takes 120 grains of Reloader 22. Boy do you get a fireball out of the gun. Set fire to Century and...
  14. GrahamJTaylor49

    Moral- On my shop wall for years

    Mine is " A person who never made a mistake never made anything". So Very True.
  15. GrahamJTaylor49

    Calculating Hole Size For Odd Thread Sizes

    You could try looking in the "Machineries Screw Thread Book" It has never failed me.
  16. GrahamJTaylor49

    Ban on small engines in California

    Sounds a bit like "1984". George Orwell.
  17. GrahamJTaylor49

    Are lathe tool carbide inserts supposed to be sharp?

    Picked up a length of Delrin at a boot sale. The bloke selling it didn't know what it was. It was 2 1/2" diameter by 4 foot long and even after telling him what it was he wouldn't take more than £3.00 for it. I ended wandering around Ashley Heath boot sale for about 2 hours carrying this lump...
  18. GrahamJTaylor49

    Ban on small engines in California

    The Scottish government have purchased 20 Teslas for transporting the delegates from their hotel at Gleneagles to the conference center for the COP26 conference. The price of the cars is £100k each. Having bought the vehicles the idiots have found that there are no charging points anywhere near...
  19. GrahamJTaylor49

    Piston material choice.

    Nylon is a wonderful material. When my company sold air tools we sold Dessoutter air drills. In there wisdom they changed the spec of the internal motor vanes from the Tufnol, cloth reinforced, to Nylon. We started to get tools coming back under warranty with the motors seized. It turned out...
  20. GrahamJTaylor49

    Deviding head $311.99

    I have been very lucky over the years and have found some very useful bits and bobs. One of my clients was moving his production facility to China and had to vacate the factory he had in Poole, Dorset. One of the items he had was a Colchester Bantam 2000 lathe. I asked him what he wanted for it...