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    For Sale Minnie 1inch scale traction engine 90% complete

    This Minnie was started in the 1980s by a gent in the UK and has a boiler certificate. I bought it as a project from a steam engine new and used resale business in the UK in 2016 and spare parts from PM and Blackwells, and to date have invested 2,000 dollars in it.I have the Blackwells scale...
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    in your opinon, what is the youngest age for someone to use a mamod or similar steam toy?

    thanks Del, All great thoughts . There is definitely a learning curve when you hit about 8-10 years old and want to start carving wood, machining things and with that comes risk, especially now when the schools have largely eliminated what used to be called "industrial arts". I was lucky to...
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    Making a model Cannon

    hi Lyle Project: I had a lot of fun building this piece. I found the original David Lyle patent drawings online and will try to attach these. There is a great book from South Bend Replicas called David Lyle and His life saving gun that is comprehensive and well illustrated with the original...
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    Making a model Cannon

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    Any suggested gear cutting sets?

    Hi Nautilus: I have been a lurker on HMEM for years and recently got into gear cutting. I self taught and avoided a lot of the complexity, someday I hope to have a fuller understanding but was able to cut useable gears in brass and aluminum with a little prep work and without advanced math...