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  1. oldCB

    V6 90cc

    Do you fly real planes or ultralight?
  2. oldCB

    Newbie From Florida!

    Welcome Noah, love that name BTW. Glad to see some young blood onboard, as an old cat I'm beginning to notice young guys wanting to do "real stuff" a couple have came to my hangar and have talked with others at gym..........seem to be bored with their phones and facebook LOL!! On the road trip...
  3. oldCB

    1/3rd Scale Case Hay Press

    Love that press! Never forget that smell or the sweat tossing bales!
  4. oldCB

    Longboy's "THREE BELOW" Model Engine.

    daddy like!
  5. oldCB

    small camshaft

    awesome video!
  6. oldCB

    How I made my piston rings. No heat

    Like the way you roll!! Down wit that.......
  7. oldCB

    Wind Powered Wood Water Pump

    me also
  8. oldCB

    Today I went to buy a file---and---man---

    Sweet, thanks!
  9. oldCB

    Hello from new member

    Welcome Ian.........who doesn't love Loco's
  10. oldCB

    Little Demon V8 - helpful hints (hopefully)

    Nice work, well done.
  11. oldCB

    HELP, my shop is a MESS

    tatally badass!
  12. oldCB

    Cabin Fever 2023

    Finally made it to Cabin Fever despite crash.......on wat to PT therapy, will post lots of pics when I can. Met really cool people espically a guy named Pete who did these incredable little sculptures outta welding rod! Plua he's resorting a inline Indian! Only bad was my motel room!! Death...
  13. oldCB

    HELP, my shop is a MESS

    I can relate..........
  14. oldCB

    Commer T3S

  15. oldCB

    For Sale Model Engineer Magazines

    Are you gonna be at cabin fever?
  16. oldCB

    Pond at cabin fever

    Well, I wuz hit on Red, 12/14/22. Thank God no broken bones, internal bleeding and still alive........... Going fer concussion evaluation Tuesday. Still mighty sore. She was a beaut, We rode her to Alaska, only has 33K on her. Look closely at Left carb, hit so hard it knocked off the float bowl...
  17. oldCB

    Mark's Monitor Build

    So sorry to hear..condolences to your family.
  18. oldCB

    Pond at cabin fever

    After several attempts I hope to finally make it THIS year! Check it out. Cabin Fever Expo | Cabinfeverexpo