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    Dry milling aluminum in general and 5154 in the hobby

    We have used Olive Oil almost exclusively when cutting Aluminum...nice smell, and easy to get. The finish if the tools are sharp is like a mirror... Regards, Preston
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    Metal casting at home

    Kelly Coffield on YouTube does some of the Best Lost Foam Aluminum casting that I have ever seen... I use to teach casting at the Houston Museum of Fine arts... Here is one of his videos casting an Automotive Manifold... Best Regards, Preston
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    EDM Build

    This Web Site is Broken...nothing works at all... Regards, Preston
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    EDM Build

    Here is one currently on Ebay...
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    Let's talk cutter grinders

    "I was advised here in some posts to look for accessories. And as I feared the machine comes with "one" as in "1" collet. I did not even care to check its size. I think the seller bought it to be able to demonstrate the machine, the collet nut was brand new and srewed on very smooth. It uses C10...
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    Let's talk cutter grinders

    The one advantage to the Cincinnati 5000 pound machine, it that the surface finish is Great as Nothing moves or vibrates on this Beast...
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    Let's talk cutter grinders

    I ended up purchasing a Cincinatti #1 Tool and Cutter Grinder...the attachments allow sharpening almost any cutter, reamer, drill, milling cutter, ect that one could think of wanting to sharpen... It is Fully Adjustable in all planes and axis's...very useful The primary down side is the size...
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    Toolpost Grinders

    Brian, I purchased a Tool Post Grinder a Dumore many years ago...hardly use it as afterwords, one has to tear apart the chuck to clean out all of the has now been years since it was last on my lathe... But, I did purchase a Cincinatti #1 Tool and Cutter Grinder about 5000 pounds and a...
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    Autodesk Fusion 360 or other free software?

    xpylonracer, the loss of Rapids and Tool Changing ability is restored with the Paid I am using both of those now...and one could just edit the G-code in the Unpaid Version if one wanted to also... I spoke with the VP of Marketing the other day before paying and he confirmed that...
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    Autodesk Fusion 360 or other free software?

    xpylonracer...from what I can see of using the Paid Version for the past week, all of the Functionallity that I had as a Student Version or Hobby version is still here...FEA, only the Generative design technology requires one to purchase Extra Cloud time...even the 4 and 5 axis programming...
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    Autodesk Fusion 360 or other free software?

    I looked at it like this... I have spent a good deal of time learning F360 and I spend a good deal of money on tooling and machines...the couple of hundred dollars to have All of F360's functionality is a small price to pay in this hobby...
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    Attempt at a coolant mister

    I tried those and could not get them to work. Thus, I made a pressurized container for the coolant with a control regulator for it and a seperate one for the air flow. Made from PVC tube fittings and tubes. Pressurizing the coolant with 1-2 psi and 5-10 psi for the air and it provides...
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    Fusion 360 for a beginner

    Hola David, Lars version is equal to your free licence...I have the same... There are differences, due to the version being run...many times his is an older version and the one I am on automatically gets updated...thus, small differences... I find it Very Helpful to have a second computer...
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    Soldering or brazing aluminium help

    Hola, I have used the Tinmantech lenses for gas welding aluminum for over 15 years...since first taking Ron Fornells classes...the work wonderfully and allow one to see the puddle prefectly. Best Regards, Preston
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    Surface Grinder and Shaper

    Hola Jack, I have both of the exact same machines... You will love them once cleaned up and running correctly. The Harig Surface grinder is a Jewel, but the oil system can be problamatic at times. Mine had the oil pump die, replacement from Harig is +$700 or it was a year ago. I replaced...
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    Lapping machine for piston rings

    Your method has great merit as that is very similar to how we lap flats for Optical work... An alternate method would be to use a surface grinder with a magnetic chuck... Best Regards, Preston
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    Propane ribbon burner hot enough to melt pig iron?

    Thanks Cogsy...I stand corrected...been out of pouring since 2009 I use to Teach and Assist at Glassell with the Houston Museum of Fine Arts... Need to revisit pouring iron, as we were working on some very nice SS nozzles when I last was pouring... Thanks for the link and update. Preston
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    Propane ribbon burner hot enough to melt pig iron?

    That is what I would do Jack Best Regards, Preston
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    Propane ribbon burner hot enough to melt pig iron?

    As a past foundry instructor and one that has cast castiron, you will very likely need coke...many power plants have coal that you can use... To get enough heat the amount of propane or waste oil needed would be very high...may be possible, but the system to do so would be frought with serious...
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    Looking for Ron colonna offy plans

    Just paid Ron for the Stick...looking forward to seeing these plans... Best Regards, Preston