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  1. 3dcase

    Question about lost PLA casting

    I think he meant My, but in technical terms in metric, it could be short for micron, from the greek letter Mu (not on my keyboard so I cannot show it here 😁).
  2. 3dcase

    Jerry Howell's V-four in 3d printed form

    So I have started this monster project whereby I purchased the PDF drawings for Jerry Howell's V-twin and his V-four, with the plan to convert those drawings into 3d models good for printing on a normal FDM printer we all have at home, right? Well as it turns out the drawings are not ready part...
  3. 3dcase

    Question about lost PLA casting

    It is horses for courses. Resin is hard to beat on minute details and smooth surfaces. But the process is nasty, dirty and smells. Besides the waste materials you need to comply with local laws for disposal, I think even if you were allowed, to simply flush it down the loo is criminal. I would...
  4. 3dcase

    Unsatisfied !?

    For me it is a question of balance, which has, albeit in other words, already been mentioned above. I have looked at my V8 flatty many times for many months before I decided to reprint the whole engine case. This took over 50 hours of printing, so it was not an easy step to make. Plus after that...
  5. 3dcase

    Tiny holes and even tinier grub screw!

    It wasn't my day and I should have stayed in bed. I was finishing of my Ford V8 flatty model engine, all 3d printed but for the bearings and the fasteners. Installed one bank of 8 valves and about to do the second bank. I had already closed of the sump, which in hindsight was a mistake of...
  6. 3dcase

    Sudden Problems With my Printer

    I know this is an old post, but doesn't hurt to offer help if one needs it. I have a foolproof way of leveling my bed on a 300 x 300 mm machine. After that I make my own single layer print to test it. I learned this way of doing it after many frustrating attempts trying to follow advise from...
  7. 3dcase


    Quick update of what was modeled today.... Jerry Howell made drawings that are step by step machining details. It is very very very difficult to derive at the finished part measurements while not actually doing the machining. But slowly. I would truly love to have a go at the Knuckle head in...
  8. 3dcase

    Newbie from Bulgaria.

    Hello fellow petrol-heads, engine nuts and last but not least, engineers. I am Kees, 3dcase, Dutch but now living in Bulgaria. Been a machine engineer all my life and now applying my experience to new technologies and newly learned skills. Can't sit still and I don't like TV, so I 3d model in...
  9. 3dcase

    Question about lost PLA casting

    Hello guys, I don't cast, so no knowledge to share on that. But I do 3d print, a lot! My printer hardly stops. So from the surface of the model point of view I would always expect to have to rework some features. I know with casting you do have to face and bore or drill holes afterwards, so...
  10. 3dcase


    Hello Draw-Tech Jack, I would like your permission to modify your drawings for 3d printing. I am currently busy on a nice little V4 from Jerry Howell. After that I might either do his V-twin or your knuckle head. The idea is to reproduce all the parts into a working model that can be 3d...