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    Anyone in Hackney, London?

    I'm away from home at the moment in Hackney, is there anyone near here who might have some very small taps and a suitable screw to fix an expensive and well loved pair of glasses?, as I can't find any old school opticians or watchmakers here, a bit off topic I know but thought it worth a try...
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    rube goldberg thing

    thought some of you might appreciate this! Giles
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    guitar playing machine

    I was in Bath, UK today and saw this busker playing a violin and this machine with his feet! ,I thought to myself, I bet he made that himself!,as I've never seen anything like it, unfortunately I didn't have much time and he was surrounded by people otherwise I would have quizzed him about it...
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    1st completed (nearly!) TB1 engine?

    Well ,got the bits from brass machine and put them together ,a bit of tweaking and it runs nicely, made a little wooden handle for the reverse valve, managed to break the inlet fitting, made another one and broke that too!, so I drilled out and put a 3mm thread in there for more strength, after...
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    flux question

    Does flux go off?, I've just been trying to silver solder something with good quality silver solder that I bought a while ago, using some flux given to me by a silversmith that I've used before with good results but now (it's powder) it seems to have become humid and a bit gummy and anyway...
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    TB1 - bases

    Hi guys, I've done the bases but I'm really sorry to say that I forgot to take my camera, I did them on my friends mill that has a DRO (mine doesn't!) my friend didn't have a camera and my phone takes really crap pics, but anyway it's just a straightforward drilling operation, I already had them...
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    spark eroding

    I didn't want to hijack Boggies thread with the laser cut parts, so I'll put it here, Has anyone had any experience with spark erosion?, I saw some one off parts for an old engine the other day ,including 2 gears that were done this way, absolutely incredible!, they told me that it's only really...
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    my friends shop

    Here are a couple of pics of some friends workshop, they actually make the engines in the pictures, my mum took the pics, I used to work here building the wooden frames for the bodywork, the cars are Sunbeams from the 1920's, you can get an idea of the chaos that they work in!, they really are...
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    fly cutter help

    I'm just making a fly cutter for the mill from a chunk of 35mm SS that I had, I was going to use drill rod for the cutter, I have some 3/16" and some 1/4" but then I found a piece of 8mm HSS, does anyone think that 8mm is too big for the cutter? ,I am going to drill in at 45° and does anyone...
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    I had an idea that maybe we could have a challenge open to anyone who wants to take part, not a competition but just for fun, to make a little engine of ones own design (or someone else's) from a predefined list of materials (i.e. 4" of 1"dia. brass rod ,4" of 3/4"steel etc. to be decided by an...
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    working by eye

    I was thinking today,I was asked to turn 8 small table legs, all the same, being principally a woodworker,and I have been for nearly 30 years, I tend to work a lot "by eye", as the tolerances are not so critical as they are in small engines ,it's never the less surprising just how close you can...
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    sharpening small drill bits

    Hi, does anyone have any good tips for accurately sharpening small drill bits, i.e. number drills, I have to send to England to get them and anyway it's a shame just to bin them!...Giles
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    drilling plate without catching on breakout

    Here's one that my father showed me , he was a toolmaker, as was his father, I've found that it works a treat, even with modern drill points, it's a trick to avoid catching on breakthrough in sheet or barstock, just stone off 1-2 thou in line with the shank (as you hopefully can see from the...
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    jig for drum cam

    I was looking at the "los pyros" and was thinking how the hell could you make that drum cam, came up with this idea this morning, sorry for my very sketchy sketch, but I'm sure you can all get the idea!,any thoughts?
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    wood stuff

    I know that this has nothing to do with engines but it's turning by hand ,sort of wooden engineering!, some of my wooden pieces, somebody might be interested! [/img]
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    silver steel

    Does anyone know the composition of silver steel? ,I live here in Italy and although I speak fluently they don't know what I'm on about when I try asking for it. It would also be useful for me sometimes to get it in metric sizes...Giles