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    Lane & Bodley Corliss castings

    I have for sale misc castings for the Lane & Bodley Corliss steam engine in Bronze ,here is the short list 2 frames , crank disk , eccentric strap , and others .If you need something for this model I'll check and see if I have it, I don't have any cylinders or flywheels.Jeff
  2. J

    FS dividing plates for a P&W 3-c dividing head

    For sale a set of 3 dividing plates for a Pratt & Whitney 3-C Dividing head ,these are shop made and are very good to excellent quality .The set includes one of each plate 15-20 , 21-33 and 37-49 asking $135.00 plus shipping . I also have an extra 21-33 plate asking $45.00 plus shipping for it...
  3. J

    W.T.B Flywheel casting for a Stuart #1

    Want to buy a flywheel casting for a Stuart Turner #1 steam engine .Jeff