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  1. Jasonb

    Sandown MEX 2013 photos

    For those that won't be able to make it this year I have stuck about 50 photos in an album for your viewing delight, I have even included a few token locos Album Slideshow of above From the published list of exhibitors I thought things may be a bit sparse but there seemed to be as much to...
  2. Jasonb

    1/3rd scale 5hp Galloway Build

    The model is of the 5hp Galloway round rod hit and miss engine to 1/3rd scale so its quite a big old lump. Originally made by Richard Shelley the Galloway kits are now done by Linley Machine under the Minicastings range and are available in a number of different scales. You can also get...
  3. Jasonb

    1/6th Scale Easton & Anderson Beam Engine

    Well I remembered how it all went back together so this is it just about done and dusted, there is still a belt for the governor and a makers plate to do. Full details of the build are here And the usual Coke can shot so you can get an idea of size...
  4. Jasonb

    Building a bigger Easton & Anderson Grasshopper

    Some of you may have seen in the past me mention myintension to build this engine in a bigger size, well I’ve started. It will be based on the 1/12th scale model byAnthony Mount that was serialised in EIM and also reproduced in his secondbook. Plans are also available from BruceEngineering as...
  5. Jasonb

    Whittaker "Firefly" 0.46 Glow Engine

    The build series for this engine started in Model Engineer magazine a few issues back but there were few photos to go with the text. As it was meant to be a beginners engine I decided to knock one up and take a series of photos that could be posted on the ME website for anyone thinking of...
  6. Jasonb

    Half Scale Domestic "Stovepipe" build

    Well with the Benson out of the way I suppose I should start to write up the next project which is as the title says a half scale model of a Domestic “Stovepipe” or frost proof hit and miss engine, the name comes from the fact that the hopper is sheet metal not cast which was prone to crack if...
  7. Jasonb

    Fancy placing a bid or two??

    Just saw this auction of one guys collection of gas/hit & miss engines and thought those that like this type of engine may want to bid on one or two Watch the video and if your other half has ever complained that you have too many engines just show them this...
  8. Jasonb

    Hoglet builders may find this interesting

    Not just for the hoglet builders but those that don't visit Madmodder may have missed the thread about an old motorcycle engine and a link that John Stevenson posted to a replica being built. One of these frames would be the ideal place to hang a Hoglet and the machine work, pattern making and...
  9. Jasonb

    Building a Bigger Benson Engine

    Some of you may have seen my intention to build this engine mentioned in other posts over the last couple of years, well I’ve now got round to doing some as a bit of light relief from the Fowler and IHC that I have on the go. The engine is based on one of a range of vertical pillar engines made...
  10. Jasonb

    Gaining a few extra inches

    Saw this on one of the woodworking sites I frequent, how to get a few more inches of travel out of an Igaging scale. J
  11. Jasonb

    Scale Radiator Hose

    Does anyone have a source for scale radiator hose, I'm looking for 3/16" ID and preferably a wall thickness of less than 1mm as it is a 1/5th scale engine. I have tested the water pump with clear aquarium air hose but one it looks wrong being clear and two its a bit thick as you can see...
  12. Jasonb

    1/5 IHC Famous Vertical Screen Cooled

    I've recently started on this model of an IHC Famous Engine, the castings are the original May Engine Works ones and have been through the hands of at least two members of this forum before being purchased by their current owner who I am building it for. The kit contains 18 castings, 16 in iron...
  13. Jasonb

    MSRVS Traction Engine Rally

    Few pic from Yesterday at teh Model Steam Road Vehicle Society Rally held at Tewksbury, Gloucester, UK. Sorry if I missed a few engines but the battery gave up on me. The Kitson Slantshaft was really nice and later in the day was pulling a dummy plough between it and the self mooving anchor, I...
  14. Jasonb

    Spark Plug Thread spec

    Does anyone know the thread form of 1/4" x 32 spark plug threads. In the UK we have 1/4x32 ME which is a 55degree angle and there is also 1/4x32 UNEF with a 60degree angle. Thanks, jason
  15. Jasonb

    Nice subject to model

    Just saw this workshop engine and thought it would make a good subject to model, maybe 1/3rd or half size. Click on the picture it will take you to their stationary engine section then part way down the page click the picture again for some more detailed pics.
  16. Jasonb

    Steam Engine Plans

    Model Engineer Magazine have just uploaded some build articles and plans that may be of interest and they are free to non subscribers Two Paddle steamer engines Entabablature engine ( nice engraving of the finished engine towards the end of the pdf) So who's going to make one then :) There...
  17. Jasonb

    2" Fowler Traction Engine latest progress

    Its been a while since I last posted some photos of progress on the Fowler so here is what I've been upto First job was to make a ball turner to do the curves on the conrod. I then used my new rotary table to complete the conrod and crosshead. With this done I then moved onto the weightshaft...
  18. Jasonb

    2" Fowler progress - Cylinder completed

    The purchase of a new rotary table has allowed me to complete the last few bits on the fowler cylinder that I have been working on for the last couple of months. Quite a relief to get to the end of a major item with no broken drills or taps, helped no doubt by the quality of MJ Eng's castings...
  19. Jasonb

    Tool holder screws

    J & L used to list them in their catalogue but the new one does not show them, may be worth a call Jason
  20. Jasonb

    Something different on e-bay

    May be of interest to the US/Canadian members as this is a model of an engine that was built for use in the Yukon. Jason