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  1. bigal2749

    Many Edgar J. Westbury plans available

    Have over 2-3 dozen sets, most of which are of planes but also the Minnie, Firewagon, Boiler, and steam engine plant setup. If anyone is looking for that hard to find plan , I imagine the small plane engines are the rarest. Let me know and if I get several inquiries I'll post a complete...
  2. bigal2749

    Can anyone ID this Model?

    I recently won this on ebay from the UK. Scratch built but not completed. Does anyone know what it is and if plans are available? Quite small- flywheels 3 1/2".
  3. bigal2749

    Are there kits for marine engines?

    Brother got me started when he stored an old American Eagle marine engine (similar to Caille or Detroit) in my workshop and now would like to make a model. I've checked out numerous sites for kits and after coming up empty handed has only increased my desire to make one. Does anyone know of a...
  4. bigal2749

    Plans for a small hit miss carburetor SOS

    I've run into a brick wall in my attempt to get a small Carlisle Finch 1/4 hp engine running. :'( Been on the search for a lunkenheimer 1/2 inch carb or an Essex 3/8 carb(which is what I believe was used in 1915) but no luck. So Plan B is to make one. Does anyone have plans for a model carb...
  5. bigal2749

    Drilled and Tapped but Way too Loose

    Need to drill and tap holes in a new 4 jaw chuck. Gauge shows a M-8 with 1.25 pitch when held up to socket screw that holds the chuck to threaded ring mount on lathe. In a trial piece I used a .290 drill and tapped with 8 x 1.25 tap but socket screw seems very loose. Retains screw but seems to...
  6. bigal2749

    Needs over 40lbs. to run?

    Just got my newest ebay purchase of a treadle or stepple-type steam engine model. I thought when I won it that it was machinst built but now wonder if China or others make repro steam engine. sorry about different sie pics-got learn how to fix that 2" stroke and 1 1/2 bore with a...
  7. bigal2749

    A Few Steam Toys

    Don posted a video of his father's Empire steam toy from the 20' or 30's and thought I follow that up with a few from my collection. I have over 100 with many early german makers and 12-15 very early american made models beore 1890. I started looking into this forum for ideas to repair some of...
  8. bigal2749

    Getting thru the hard skin of a cast flywheel

    I want to modify an old cast flywheel by cutting a 6 mm channel to a depth of 1 mm into the side and boy it that hard! Cutter doesn't do much. Have seen discussions in the past that you need to address the hard skin of the metal when it was cast. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated
  9. bigal2749

    Hi from Masschusetts

    After seeing this forum several weeks ago, I knew I would eventually register as I found it very interesting and informative. I belong to another forum and see some of the members also belong to HMEM and knowing the caliber of those members, I know I will learn plenty here. :bow: My background...