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    Stuart 10H build

    Very good work. I'm also in the middle of making one of these engines and the techniques are great to compare.
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    I need a word

    "Queueing" has 5 vowels in a row ;)
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    Clever wind powered machines

    See here Not sure how the friction is kept down on these machines with only light wind to power them.
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    ANZAC Day

    Lest we forget
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    PM Research Inc. 5BI

    Very nice to see. I'm in the process of finishing the more modern version of this engine with Only a few more bits to go. I agree with the comment about drilling the holes for the main bearing caps. I milled the surfaces flat and superglued the caps in place. I then drilled them from below...
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    How to properly advertise in ebay

    This guy has a great story. I hope his truck goes to a good new home.
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    Idiot Sightings

    Part of my job involves delivering babies. Nice job but it does give me an insight into new baby names. A very recent mum has named her new baby boy "Kaos" I hope he grows into a lovely boy.
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    Idiot Sightings

    Most of these may be urban myths but sadly the bably names are close. See
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    Window XP - reducing programs which start up when booted and run in background

    I have used Startup Inspector with good results.
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    "that's not a shaper, THIS is a shaper!"

    What a boring video. 3 minutes watching someone push buttons on a controller. ???
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    The history of an unusual engine :)>

    Uncyclopedia is a great resource. ;D
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    Time for a trivia question

    I thought the obvious answer was an apexian. ;D
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    Online GPS

    An online location finder It uses your IP address and finds the exact location of any internet user in seconds. They have used a sophisticated time based algorithm to do so. Try it and find your own location on the earth. Your location will...
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    Milling vise sizes?

    I have a 4" vice for my X2 mill but rarely use it since I bought one of these It holds accurately and firmly and is fine for the small engine parts that I machine.
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    Another Aussie joining in

    Welcome from someone just a little north of you.
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    50 endmills

    I used some of mine last night machining cast brass. I used an 8mm endmill and it cut well but seem to become blunt quickly. Not as good as the ones I have bought from CTC. I then used a 2mm 2 flute to mill out the bottom of the steam valve in my current engine. It is cast bronze. I snapped the...
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    Need Help with PM Research Coke Bottle Engine

    I'm in the middle of making one of these engines but I am using a mill as well as my lathe. With a method of holding the main casting on the cross slide with a Z axis adjustment it would probably be possible to make it without a mill. Some milling is needed to make the flat surfaces for the...
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    Can you deliver? 33deg C here today. ;D
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    50 endmills

    I have received my order of about $20 worth of these mills. They were quick arriving-less than 2 weeks. Now to try and use them. I bought some 2mm 2 flute end mills to make little slots in the steam chest of my current model under construction. Hopefully they hold up.
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    4 "or 6"rotary table for mini mill

    I have one of these Seems to fit well on my X2 size mill and the 4 jaw makes holding items much easier than little clamps.
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