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    Total new-comer to CAD. Which programme to choose.

    I recently started to teach myself this program. The cost per year was just too good to pass up. I don't have solidworks experience, but I do have about 20 years of Autocad experience as a base for all cad bloatware. I have been using Iron cad innovate for about 7 or 8 years now. I find it to...
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    What have you been doing today?

    Wow, I had the exact same thing happen to me! No hospital, but a rough 4 weeks. Doc said I should be ok. It took 2 different antibiotics scripts over the course of 25 days.
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    CAD /Autocad Help

    I am not a user of this program right now, but I foresee this will be my future solution. 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers | SOLIDWORKS Cost is 100$ per year very affordable in my opinion I currently use ironcad innovate! This is a very expensive program and I have not paid for updates in a...
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    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Your name is still listed and shown when compiling g-code as one of the authors on the pcnc mill Sprutcam post to this day. ;)
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    Inlet-side power valves on two-strokes.

    Back in the 80's I owned a yz 125 with a ypvs or yamaha power valve system. It was mechanically driven with linkage by rpm as I remember. Never seen one on the intake side, only read valves. The reason I had to look at this thread.
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    Moral- On my shop wall for years

    Not on the wall but I often think this! I am skilled enough to take it apart. Patient enough to put it back together. And smart enough to hide the extra parts.
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    As an avid reader of this forum I questioned if it was a real working model when I looked at video. From reading posts on this forum for years I just didn't think ignition systems could be scale down this small
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    Ford 300 Inline Six

    While they don't support old versions of software with help. I would expect Jacob @ tormach to help get the older version up and running for you. I have also noticed in past they work out upgrade deals if you want to move to current version. Still not cheap I bet. Anyway the current sprutcam...
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    270 Offy

    Thank you for the great write ups and pictures of your progress! Some of the best work on the net! I understand why my sprutcam post lists you as one of the authors!
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    Radial 5

    Sweet! And your workbench has seen some use! "wow"
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    Tormach 1100MX opinion

    Couple bullet points from a Tormach user I enjoy drawing models, designs and building them. I wanted a system that looked like its being supported and developed not just a tool "mill" I have a 6 year old series 3 with power draw bar, stand, very well tooled and 4th axis. I also have a New...
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    Astro Skeleton clock.

    I recently started to read the complete linked page from start to finish. This project quickly fell into the wow this is crazy complex mechanical engineering art. I was in awe of the detail for any single part of this. As kvom mentioned the amount of engineering and mechanical detail put into...
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    PHOTO bucket

    I was shocked when I was notified of this also! IMHO PB is a pretty expensive cloud service. For 15 years I used my Comcast web page account for picture posting. 2 years ago they took those accounts away and over night a couple of forums lost all the picture links. Comcast notified me in...
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    Remeber your first engine build--- Boll Aero----

    A quick note on this project. As noted above my health has me in a position that progress is very slow. I have a few other projects to finish up before I can get back to this project. For now they are just pretty metal assemblies setting on shelf.
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    Remeber your first engine build--- Boll Aero----

    Still in development! :) Had some bits of material left over so I played with a exhaust design. mostly goofing off making big metal into little metal. Health has me down right now so progress is very slow
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    Remeber your first engine build--- Boll Aero----

    Still having fun with this project.
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    Remeber your first engine build--- Boll Aero----

    Back to giving this project some love. Had a chance to start design and fab of an engine stand for shelf display and also a gas tank mount. Was pleased the proportions come out about right on first design. Not to big and not to small and it complements the original design. Clip of cam...
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    Atlas Robot

    That's it! And people build little versions on this forum called steam engines. Now, I didn't think of that! A steam powered generator on my terminator robot. Now days with changing technology and if human health is not important then wireless power transmission would be a decent solution to...
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    Atlas Robot

    Great technology but it runs on batteries. Until we design a battery or power supply that has a decent energy density there is not much to worry about.