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  1. J

    free flight versus radio control

    Im studying 2 stroke diesel engine designs so I can make one. For the case where an engine is sold as diesel, there are options for "free flight" and "radio control". From what I can see the only difference is there is a slightly different carburetor (spary bar) with an arm so you can hook a...
  2. J

    Hello from Ohio

    Hello from Hudson, OH. I have a daughter at UofT this year. Maybe someday I could see your workshop. Right now Im trying to get into building model airplane engines - diesel two stroke. working up the courage to spend money on a lathe.
  3. J

    3d models and drawings of engines I want to build

    i came across the motorboys plans a few years ago and I keep coming back to those designs. now Im gearing up to buy a PM-1130V lathe to get started making chips. I keep modeling engines and studying machining procedures. might even try sand casting some aluminum. even bought plans from...
  4. J

    Reviewing the ML Midge from MotorBoys

    Ive carefully read the build instructions at the modelenginenews site about how to machine the crankcase. In that text I saw there were some small metric to imperial discrepancies between the text and the drawing. Also some instances where the dimension scheme on the print did not follow the...