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    Shars DRO

    I bought a Shars digital scale for the tailstock. This is stainless steel and glass 4" . The scale is too long and I would like to cut it to fit. The Igauging junk is aluminum and can be cut. I tried to contact Shars, so far no luck. If left long it may get in the way of the tailstock...
  2. K

    1916 65 HP Case Traction Engine 1/16 Scale

    I like your C -clamp. I did not use rivets but used 1/72 SHCS . The tapped holes were 60 % . I still broke one tap. The screws look like rivets . If i had seen your C-clamp idea i would have used rivets. I haven't used rivets before and was wary.
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    1916 65 HP Case Traction Engine 1/16 Scale

    I turned a wood plug with a taper . Spotting drill , center drill and mounted between the chuck and tailstock center. I bought the 2" steel pipe which measures 2" ID. The copper 1-1/2" pipe measures 1-5/8" OD. This made it impossible to have a 5/8" slope. I did find out that the amount of slope...
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    New 3-jaw chuck

    The 5" chuck is not practical in my opinion. If you chucked a large round then the jaws may hit the bed. I have the LMS 4" scroll chuck, the premium one with back plate. Runout is almost nil. The chuck body is within .00015 With a test rod from a printer the runout is .0018 in 10" supported with...
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    Rudy's Traction Engine

    Rudy gives you a phone # to call , this is for the safety valve. Don't bother as Cole Power Models has been out of business for a while. Rudy's drawing shows a 5/16 x27 thread for the safety valve. If you have not tapped the hole ,wait til you get a safety valve in your hand. I had already...
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    Rotary table problems

    Have you contacted Grizzly? I have a RT made in India that is accurate. This is the 6" model but do not remember who I bought it from. Possible Little Machine Shop, I also have another RT that I also bought from Little Machine Shop. This is a small 4" RT that does not use dividing plates...
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    Flywheel Foolishness

    Your correct , the fan is at the end of the motor shaft. I thought that my method might be converted some how to a flywheel Most of the flywheels I have made are cast from type metal. Easy to melt and flow into wood forms. I have a lot of small pieces of cherry, I mill the rim, spokes and hub...
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    Flywheel Foolishness

    I have a different method that will move a lot of air. I had a motor that was fan cooled. The fan was plastic and after years it broke a vane. I turned an aluminum hub from 1-1/4" stock with a 5/8" bore. Bored 5/8" hole in a 1/8" x 5-1/2" round aluminum that I trepanned. Bolted the disk to the...
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    Today I went to buy a file---and---man---

    I have those files in 3 different lengths. They take EEE batteries. Bought them with my 1",2", and 3" C clamps that have little marks and numbers on them. mike
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    Today I went to buy a file---and---man---

    My grandfather used vinegar to sharpen files I also use vinegar. I think Phosphoric acid will work faster. It also produces rust. I leave a file in 20% vinegar for 8 hours. Household vinegar is 5% but still should work even if it takes longer. mike
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    safety valves

    Steamchick, I made the valve exactly like the one shown with the counterbored recess. Worked well after trying different spring lengths. I got the valve to pop off at 28/29 lbs 6 straight times. The valve I made was 3/16 " too long so I threaded the 5/16-27 threads that go into the boiler...
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    safety valves

    Fellows I got the valve to pop off at 22 lbs. I think if I shorten the spring slightly i might get closer to 30 lbs If not I'll be satisfied with 22 lbs. I will call Jensen tomorrow, they have a list of other parts that may come in handy. Bob, I love the Iron Pony. Years ago I built a 3/4...
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    safety valves

    The boiler is 8" long and 1-1/2" ID. Tubes are 3/16" 5-3/8" long Ends and top not exposed to heat and are external. There is a 3/16" stay turned down to a 10/32 thread at each end with bronze round nuts hard soldered. I made a safety valve today but I am not satisfied with it. Will pop off...
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    safety valves

    I haven't built the burners yet . It will run on alcohol . I'll take your advice on the spring and make sure the valve works every time. The boiler has 3 external 3/16" water tubes. Boiler tested at 60 lbs and held for 30 minutes with hydraulic test. Will test again under steam . I do not have...
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    safety valves

    Thanks, I will make the valve in a couple of days . The safety valve I was supposed to buy I cannot find anywhere. Most of the valves that would fit open at 60 lbs pressure. 30 lbs is the pop off pressure I need. mike
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    Drilling Very Small Holes

    I tried a pin vice but the runout was too much. Tried a few different things but none were satisfactory. Then I made a holder, 1/2" diameter CRS 4" long. Turned it down slightly so it would be concentric. Bored a 1/4" x 3/8" hole for a wood dowel. Bored on the lathe with the pin vice into the...
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    safety valves

    I have a drawing of a simple safety valve that I plan to make. The valve is spring loaded and variable pop off. Can the valve be tested at first with compressed air? Pop off is 30 lbs. pressure. Every valve I have searched for is not variable and starts at 50 lbs. pressure. I would like to...
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    Taking it up a step---

    I did a search for digital vernier. Every search showed a digital caliper even though the caption showed " vernier". I have three digital calipers, 4" right hand. 6" right hand and a 6" lefthand digital calipers. The only one I use is the 4" caliper. Almost always I use a dial caliper and...
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    Cut Off Saw & Gear Cutting Arbors

    I used the multi- diameter arbor once. It is in a drawer never to be used again. Then made an arbor for 3" slitting saws that works perfectly.
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    Drill bits

    They resemble cone shape step drills that I believe come in 3 diameters. I have a set of two They work well . Instead of using Silver & Deming type drills I use these. The cone type can be sharpened, easily actually. The flat portion that is the cutting area is honed. The diameter does not...