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  1. K

    Sold Model Wilton Vise on Ebay

    Nice looking vise. I made a set of serrated jaws like that for mine too. I also made a set of plain jaws and find that I use those most of the rime. I made a scale power arm and heavy base and find I use it often for fiddly detail work.
  2. K

    What have you been doing today?

    Got my 1/8 scale Rider Ericsson running for the first time! Still lots to do, but it runs!!
  3. K

    Time for a new Horizontal Hit and Miss engine

    Brian, I sure enjoy your designs and builds. Amazed at how quickly you go from “I’m bored“ to having a running engine. Schmuck ups and redirects are just the way it goes sometimes. Was in Barrie once about 20 years ago and traded an Amco shaper for a tuba (long story here). Spent 3-4 weeks...
  4. K

    Sold Model Wilton Vise on Ebay

    Here’s the one I built to match the slightly larger version that I have. Great project!
  5. K

    Home built 1/8th Rider Ericsson Hot Air Pumping Engine

    I am just starting a 1/8 scale Meyers engine. Did you do any build log on yours? Karl
  6. K

    Mery Explosive Engine

    Colin, enjoying your pictures and explanations. Sure are a lot of different ways to get the job done. I’ve started my next project; 1/8 scale Meyers Ryder Ericsson. Think I’m in for a challenge!
  7. K

    Shriner parade car

    Great job buddy! Enjoying your builds.
  8. K

    Mery Explosive Engine

    Way to go Colin! Your engine looks great. A few of your fixes and just slow that baby down! You’ll love that engine.
  9. K

    But what does it do?!?!? (Bring it on...)

    Here’s a picture of the 1928 version that I got to drive a couple of weeks ago.
  10. K

    Black Hills Show 2022

    Black Hills show is advertised in Machinist Workshop (Aug/Sept). Show is September 24-25 Central States Fairgrounds, Fine Arts Bldg, Rapid City SD. Contact Mike Stutz 970-690-0012 or [email protected] karl
  11. K


    Had problems with the drawings too. This is an early run, got it slowed down after some fiddling. Just can’t find the vid. Karl
  12. K

    Mery Explosive Vapor Engine: Getting 'Er Running

    Carl, I run with the Flywheel Supply buzz box (have used S/S electronic buzz coil with no problems on other engines) and just use a 1# propane tank. Tank seems to be 3-4 psi when full but my engine is running fine now and the gage shows less than 2 psi. karl PS are you the Carl that did a cam...
  13. K

    Need to replace electrical switch on my 818P Jet metal bench lathe with milling head

    On the Emco machine high speed can only be engaged when the machine is already running in slow speed. Pushing on the high button when the machine isn’t running will not do anything, won’t move at all.
  14. K

    Need to replace electrical switch on my 818P Jet metal bench lathe with milling head

    This switch looks similar to the one on my Emco Maier V10P (70’s vintage too). That switch offers forward/reverse with low/ hi speeds and an on button for the mill motor. There is one “off” button that cuts power to the lathe or mil motor. If you join the Groups.IO [email protected] |...
  15. K

    My Dad's Shop

    As a former board of directors member of the NAMES organization I would say this is exactly the type of collection that should be displayed. Engine building is a hobby and all levels of models should be displayed. The devil is in the details and all these engines run (most without any detail...
  16. K

    Mideast Model Engineering Show 2021

    Bummer for me, that’s the same weekend as the Black Hills show and I already committed to attending.
  17. K

    Black Hills Model Engineering Show on for track 2020

    Got my reservations already, hope to see both Rich and Chuck at the show. karl
  18. K

    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    Great feeling when your new engine fires up. Great sound too! Congratulations !!
  19. K

    Side Lever Steam Engine

    See post #15 above.
  20. K

    Contact Information for Rich Carlstedt

    You can reach Rich at: [email protected]