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  1. Propforward

    What have you been doing today?

    Roll on Spring. Hang in there Bentwings, only8 or so months to better weather.
  2. Propforward

    What have you been doing today?

    Today, I are been mostly doing woodworking. Ran out of welding gas which was annoying. So I did some woodworking. Trying to get this bench seat finished so that I can get back to engines.
  3. Propforward

    What have you been doing today?

    I did some welding. I won’t claim to be good at it, but I sure enjoyed it.
  4. Propforward

    What have you been doing today?

    Thanks for the heads up - it’s all new to me!
  5. Propforward

    What have you been doing today?

    That's a life rule for sure - always support your hooker!
  6. Propforward

    What have you been doing today?

    Well as to code - the one you don't like, although I did actively follow the university Rugby League team during my time there oh-so-long ago, and what a great time that was. For benches, I make mine in a very utilitarian way, and same kind of approach as yours to be honest. No fancy...
  7. Propforward

    What have you been doing today?

    Well I managed to prybar myself out of the house and down to the shed. I recently acquired a router, just so I could make bases for engines. Well, one thing led to another and now I own a planer and table saw as well, and I decided that dammit surely I can make wood things? So I bought this...
  8. Propforward

    Ahoy Hoy From Not a New Member

    Yes I think there is a lot of validity to that. Plus the chance to go and inspect the equipment, and often times power it up, so buying from a used dealer certainly has its plus points. Inspecting at the auction is possible but generally you're unlikely to be able to be as thorough I would think.
  9. Propforward

    Do you have any Seasonal decorations that you made?

    Bit late to this - and no I didn't make one. However, I obtained a piece of scrap explosion bonded copper / stainless steel plate. I had it in my mind that I should be able to machine this and make some wonderous ornament, but everything I came up with in my mind I thought would just end up...
  10. Propforward

    What have you been doing today?

    Given the choice I'd still be in bed. But the dog and the cats - they just don't allow it. I got in a Joe Pie and a Mr Crispin video though, so there's that.
  11. Propforward

    HELP, my shop is a MESS

    🤔 Cleaning and tidying the HOUSE is for someone else to do, but organizing the shoppe is (for me) as much a part of the joy of having a shoppe as it is working in it. Last weekend I spent the whole time putting up new shelves, throwing out some crap and reorganizing one area, and now a big...
  12. Propforward

    What have you been doing today?

    It's 4.30 am. So far today I have made a cup of tea and eaten a piece of shortbread. I am hoping for rather better progress in a few hours.
  13. Propforward

    Ahoy Hoy From Not a New Member

    That's what I hear, although I have been largely unsuccessful at finding used machine tools for cheap. But I've done reasonably well on other equipment like metrology stuff and fixturing. There are quite a few decent auction places going, but used machine tools on the market seem to get snapped...
  14. Propforward

    PM Research Number 4

    Hello, I thought I would show my PMR #4. This is a video of the first test run. There are some other videos on my channel showing the making of some parts. I hope a few of you might find them interesting. I am especially pleased with the crankshaft - well the whole thing. But here are the...
  15. Propforward

    A couple of Finished Engines - PMR 1 and an Elmer 14

    Hello there. Here are pics of a couple of engines. The Elmer 14 is from 2016. The PMR 1 I finished last year, but only just got around to making a base for. Same on the Elmer actually - made the base last weekend. And the Elmer: Anyway, there we are. There are many examples of...
  16. Propforward

    Ahoy Hoy From Not a New Member

    Funny you should ask that - why yes I do. I’ll post some pics tonight. Need to fix up my avatar as well and might change my user name. I keep referring to everything I do as shednanigans so maybe I’ll go with that. My next project is a beam engine so when that kicks off I’ll post a build log...
  17. PMR #1

    PMR #1

  18. 0A4A4407-A2EF-4677-A31A-2CAA15B686D7.jpeg


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