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  1. DickDastardly40

    Recommend me an anti-virus programme for a server please

    I'm looking for a anti-virus programme for a server running NT (I think). My searches so far tell me that server flavours aren't free like AVG or Micosoft Security Essentials so a reasonably priced recommendation to a downloadable version would be muchly appreciated. Thanks Al
  2. DickDastardly40

    Six Shooter Elbow Engine

    Good work and a good runner. I hate to disagree with Bogs but you do see this type of engine albeit in a bent axis rather than a 90deg configuration as a hydraulic motor. Maybe this has been discussed before and I should wind my neck in. I wonder if it could be made with a swash plate rather...
  3. DickDastardly40

    Hands across the Ocean

    I posted here about 3 months ago that I would be working in Brisbane for a while and asked if any members were in the vicinity. MetalMad and Bezazel both replied and I was honored to have an evening with each of them over my time here. Anybody not familiar with either of these gents should...
  4. DickDastardly40

    Any Members near Brisbane?

    The 'moving to Oz' thread has prompted me to ask this here, I did recently also ask on Practical Machinist. I am flying to Brisbane in just under 2 weeks to join the boat I work on which is out of the water being painted. I will be in Brisbane for 10 weeks over Christmas. I do have some friends...
  5. DickDastardly40

    Small nuts and fat fingers

    How are you tightening them up when they are on? I've never tried quite as small as 12BA but for small stuff I use a box spanner or socket with a blob of blu-tack inside to stop the nut dropping. Another option if you only have a spanner that small is to put some masking tape across the jaws on...
  6. DickDastardly40

    I have a question gentlemen

    What a creditable young man; nice that he wants to make something, I'm not sure if my nephew has ever made a cup of coffee. As to what to make to sell, I would suggest something so that he can make it within his current skill set to a high standard, and something which doesn't have too high a...
  7. DickDastardly40

    Sharing a VFD and DRO Read out between Mill and Lathe

    Hi Guys, long time no see! I am considering changing my Mill and Lathe motors to 3 phase to utilise a Vector Frequency Drive and wonder about the wisdom of buying 2 motors wired to 3 phase plugs with a single VFD with a socket output so I can plug in which ever machine I happen to be using...
  8. DickDastardly40

    Window XP - reducing programs which start up when booted and run in background

    i would like to thank all that responded, msconfig was what was required to reduce the boot up clutter and I managed to 'talk' my friend through what was required on MSN chat. She now has much less running in the background and it seems her previously slow confuser is now fairly quick.
  9. DickDastardly40

    Window XP - reducing programs which start up when booted and run in background

    Hi Fellas, An on-line aquaintance is having trouble with her XP computer being slow and the RAM appears clogged with rubbish which boots when she turns it on. I only have access to either Vista or 7 ccomputers and I'm pretty sure the look/interface is different on XP Could somebody please...
  10. DickDastardly40

    Firefox reload question

    Thanks for that, cleared the java cache, fingers crossed problem is solved!
  11. DickDastardly40

    Studding in blind holes

    Paul, Further to Tom's answer you can screw bolts or cap head screws (don't know why they're called screws not bolts) into blind holes you just need to be sure they don't bottom out as you won't get whatever your bolting down tight. Al
  12. DickDastardly40

    Firefox reload question

    I use Firefox and changed to it for stability as I was getting annoyed with IE. When a page doesn't load for whatever reason (lack of connection usually) the address bar ends up with something similar to this in it...
  13. DickDastardly40

    Trouble with flywheel

    That's what you get for trying to build an engine designed by MC Escher ;D
  14. DickDastardly40

    Watch it you clumsy oaf

    If I drop something that proves difficult to find, I employ a method I picked up from reading Tom Sawyer many moons ago to find it. Drop something similar from the same place and height and watch where it goes; proves remarkably accurate!
  15. DickDastardly40

    What got You into HMEM ???

    Vanity! I loved turning at school and my god father was an Engine Room Artificer during the 2nd World War. At the time of me leaving school the Royal Navy had the best craft apprenticeship on offer in the UK and I thought I'd like to have a similar career to my Godfather (perhaps without being...
  16. DickDastardly40

    Electronic Books (Epub) Swap

    Now that I work in France and getting English novels is a bit of a chore, I sprang for a Sony E-Reader (which I love) a few months ago which means that I can download novels from t'internet after I've bought them usually from I don't believe these have the same digital rights...
  17. DickDastardly40

    Grizzly Tent Sale

    Surely these 2 things are one and the same? ;D
  18. DickDastardly40

    Warco VMC

    Vic, I have no idea, I bought my VMC direct from Warco second hand from a trade-in and they had fitted a new motor. I'm not clever enough to know about fitting speed controllers to single phase motors. If I get a VFD, I figure I might as well get 2 for 1 with the lathe anyway as I don't use...
  19. DickDastardly40

    Warco VMC

    How much height do you think you'll need? My vice isn't the shortest either I like mine, but some of the speeds are difficult to change as you have to swap belts around. I am considering fitting a 3 phase motor and VFD shared with my lathe in due course.
  20. DickDastardly40

    I miss my Shop!

    OK Crackling isn't imminent but proof of concept and seems reliable enough if not especially elegant. Compound gearing to get the rotational speed down from the wiper motor minimum at 12V to about 6RPM.
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