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    Tim from Telford, UK

    I don't think Mills produced much in the way of marine versions-but various other people-Ripmax springs to mind-DID produce marine conversion kits for the Mills aero versions...usually the water cooled head, flywheel and universal joint. The actual Mills throttles were fairly crude devices, with...
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    Electronic glo-plug ignition?

    Your recall is a bit faulty-idle bar plugs were definitely used in the earlier days of two stroke R/C engines-but the bar was simple steel-in some cases welded, in others machined as part of the plug body. The ELEMENT of the glowplug was a platinum coil-or in most cases an alloy of platinum and...
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    Nitric acid works quite well-as I can personally testify-BUT (and it is a big BUT)-whilst it does not attack aluminium-it DOES attack other metals-and since very few people are tapping pure aluminium-in practice we are using a variety of aluminium alloys, the acid approach can lead to...
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    Are there any X shaped engines?

    Rolls Royce produced the 24 cylinder X-configuration Vulture aero engine in the mid 1930s, with the intention of producing a 2000 HP production aero engine (as opposed to one off specials produced for things like Schneider racing and suchlike-eg the 2350HP 'R' engine that powered the...
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    Mini diesel engine.

    The simple reality is that our engines operate at elevated temperatures and pressures-as steamchick notes above-at elevated temps and pressures all sorts of other reactions occur-including those that might not occur at room temperature and unconstrained combustion. A variety of metals are...
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    Mini diesel engine.

    When you add moisture to sulphur.....all you get is damp sulphur! There is some rather ill understood chemistry being written above-for a start you don't get sulphuric acid that way-it is formed by sulphur TRI-OXIDE reacting with water. The product you get in diesel exhaust is sulphur...
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    Fuel poof lacquer or varnish recommendations?

    Two part polyurethane yacht paints are the bees knees when it comes to being fuel resistant-I have model fuselages painted with International paints'reaction lacquer' that have lasted 40 years on 30% nitromethane glow engine fuels without any noticeable damage....the only downside-apart from...
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    Newbie from NZ

    I'm in Upper Hutt as well. ChrisM
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    Mystery tool

    Specially for steamchick:
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    2 Cycle Single with a disk rotary valve.

    Your stated compression ratio is about half what a typical run of the mill two-stroke model engine would use-one running on methanol based fuels anyway-the model aero and marine model diesel run about 16-18:1 CRs....even the higher performing glowplug engines are running in the 11:1-12:1 sort of...
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    Electronic glo-plug ignition?

    There's nothing especially original about this proposal-this is what aeromodellers and boat modellers have been using to start their glowplug engines for about the past 50 years...certainly since the 1970s-when electric starters became more the form of the near ubiquitous 'power...
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    WTB cox .049

    OK-perhaps I should clarify slightly-not that it affects your proposed purchase. Cox International is Canadian based...some 10+ years ago they bought the remaining Cox engine parts from Estes (the model rocket people) in Colorado who at that time owned Cox Hobbies. Since then they have not only...
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    WTB cox .049

    Well go to Cox International-they have all the Cox spares currently available across the entire Cox engine range-and can certainly sort you out for 049 piston cylinder units. ChrisM
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    Free Anodizing

    It's not a good idea to use any other metal apart from aluminium or titanium as part hangars-any other metal in contact with the sulphuric acid electrolyte will be attacked by it-and will contaminate the anodising solution.
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    ML Midge Build

    Jack I wasn't aware-but my response above was just responding to the daily digest I get which shows new daily posts-I must confess I didn't check the date of the preceding post-(your post #135) relative to the last post #136 when I replied.....obviously I should have! That being said, designer...
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    ML Midge Build

    Your Midge is running under-compressed and quite rich-you need to wind the compression screw in further still yet. All these model diesels have a sweet spot of about 1/8" turn (it depends a bit on how fine or coarse the comp screw thread is) for any particular prop load-at which the engine will...
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    Model Aircraft Engine Refurb

    Quite right too-methyl ether is the formula you state....but there are a whole range of ethers-and for the purposes of model diesels there is only one that works-good old diethyl ether-formerly used as an anaesthetic-but also widely used still as a solvent in organic chemistry and in some...
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    Model Aircraft Engine Refurb

    Gents-the compound in question is di-ETHYL ether, not di-methyl ether or ethe- methyl ether or any other ether you stumble across, nor 'petroleum ether' nor 'crown ether' either......if our Dutch resident friend above was trying to use dimethyl ether he would have been in for some technical...
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    Model Aircraft Engine Refurb

    Only if your head is fixed....;-(
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    Model Aircraft Engine Refurb

    I would take some of those alternatives-with a large tablespoon of salt.....remember model 'diesels' have been around since 1930-90 years-and in all that time no better substitute has been found for diethyl ether-simply (and now wearing my chemistry PhD hat) because there is no other organic...