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    Shop Air Compressor using Auto AC Compressor

    I've never seen a commercial compressor with anything but a steel tank. Even when the weight of an aluminum tank would offer a distinct advantage on a portable unit. "Follow the money" is still true. :)
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    Shop Air Compressor using Auto AC Compressor

    Excellent job. :) Refrigeration systems, and vacuum pumps made out of salvaged AC compressors, can recycle the same bit oil rather than use a contiguous supply. But... AC systems fastidiously remove all moisture from the refrigerant. An _AIR_ compressor will suck in atmospheric moisture and...
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    Hello from Michigan

    American made, excellent quality, helpful technical support, the only limitation is SIZE, not quality, precision, or reliability. I hope the rest of your issues could be solved as easily as your machine...
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    Another steam engine shaped object

    I'm off to the Archives! :) Thanks
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    Another steam engine shaped object

    Thank you for your detailed and informative comments on this and many related posts. Can you provide some insight into the theory and practice of steam engine balance? Particularly for simple, single cylinder, single or double acting models. Thanks, Larry in NJ
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    Ved's Dancer's End Engine

    Stephenson was an important figure in engine design, but much more, as well; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The 'Father of Railways', George Stephenson, built the first commercial locomotive and railways, setting a standard adopted worldwide. He also grew straight cucumbers competitively...
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    Ved's Dancer's End Engine

    Hello Vederstein, (name?) I greatly appreciate the effort that you put into developing, documenting, and sharing your thoughts and designs on the board. Not to mention the skill in producing them and bringing them to "life". Whether they are useful tools or toys doesn't diminish their value...
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    a scratch built wobbler steam engine

    A very "sturdy" looking engine, and attractive with the contrasting metal colors. I particularly like the five bolt pattern on the cylinder ends. The usual pattern of six seems so tame, and everybody knows they were just stepped off with a pair of dividers. :) A REALLY interesting engine...
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    Ved's Dancer's End Engine

    Sorry, didn't recognize the valve drive shaft and bevel gearing. :) But any OTHER engine with "pin at the proper position and radius" . Thanks, Larry
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    Ved's Dancer's End Engine

    I'm curious about the design of the valve eccentrics used on both original and model engines. The James Kay Dancers Beam engine uses extremely large diameter eccentrics and correspondingly large "big ends" to drive the valves. This would seem to incur higher surface speeds increasing wear, but...
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    Mystery tool

    Speaking of Yorkshiremen, this young fellow is no slacker, and tackles quite a variety of projects. Imagine if he had a machine shop at his disposal. Regards, Larry
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    A Really, Really Good Book on Engine Building

    Dean's TAIG site has a link to nice drawings done by Steven Campbell of the rotary table; The next logical step will be for someone to make the solid model, and then 3D print it. :) Best regards, Larry
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    T head engine by Brian

    Chamfering of the BACKSIDE of the rings is demonstrated by Mr. Crispin using a "trumpet chamfering tool" in his very well done video; The application and the processes are different but the techniques are still applicable. His tool & cutter grinder and profile projector could be replaced in a...
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    Model water pump from casting kit.

    “I love it when a plan comes together! - Hannibal Smith, A-Team” Well designed, well produced, well engineered, well documented. The engineering is clever in avoiding procedures and techniques that may produce greater precision than required, and corresponding cost. A rotary table is nice, but a...
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    T head engine by Brian

    A corollary to "the worst explanation" is that you CANNOT use your common calculator to determine the correct number of turns and holes. :) You MUST use proper fractions. Ask your kids in elementary school for help, as long as they don't yet allow calculators in class.
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    T head engine by Brian

    That looks like the perfect candidate for some homebrew anodizing. There are many articles and videos online. The equipment and supplies are trivial and inexpensive. Rubber gloves and protective glasses highly recommended. Larry in Rutherford, NJ
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    Home Foundry

    VelvaCoat from ASK Chemicals LP 495 Metro Place South Suite 250 Dublin, OH 43017 Phone: +1 800 848 7485 Fax: +1 614 761 1741 [email protected] Download their PDF catalog which includes water-based products...
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    left hand drills

    Also derided as "fitzem any effin' size". Stay well, Larry in New Jersey
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    Ageless 9 and 18 Radial

    A small tramming error in the mill will translate to a large geometric error with a large diameter face mill. The same error will translate into a potential sealing problem, but without the geometric error when a small diameter cutter is used. Pick your poison. :(
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    Turning o ring to fit bore

    trying to turn down o- rings is a bit like beating a dead horse. The material is a polymer and will not shear in the same way metal does. GRIND, not turn. The roller industry has been grinding every type of rubber, elastomer, and non-metallic material for ages, in sizes and to accuracy...