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    Sold Stuart Walking Beam Casting Kit

    I'll take it. Sent a pm also. Thanks, Martin
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    For Sale Morrison and Marvin mini Wilton Vice kit

    I'd put my name in line if it doesn't sell to 34Dave. I've built two and they are a fun project which turns out a very nice and useful tool. I wish they'd make more.... Martin
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    Look what followed me home

    I was perusing facebook marketplace last week and found this gem. It was about a two hour drive from me. It's a machine built in 2007, English and Metric threading, 4k rpm spindle. There is a 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, tailstock chuck, live centers, full set of collets plus an almost full set...
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    Sold Rivett 608 headstock

    If you can send your address I can get a shipping quote. Thanks, Martin
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    Sold Rivett 608 headstock

    Hello, The head stock is still for sale. Are you wanting to pick it up or do you need it shipped? I'm in Columbus Indiana, about 45 minutes south of Indianapolis, or about an hour north of Louisville. I also have some other rivett parts for sale if you're interested in those as well. For Sale -...
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    Sold Model Wilton Vise on Ebay

    It's a casting kit made by Morrison and Marvin. I've made two of them. They are some of the finest castings I've ever seen. I thoroughly enjoyed making the two I made. I was going to buy another but they are out of stock. When I bought my second one I was told they were selling all the...
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    For Sale Rivett 608 front carriage and top part

    This is the front part of the carriage with the top slide holder on it. All gears on the front apron are in good shape. The threading half nut works as it should and is in fair shape. Plenty of life left in it. There is some surface rusting on the top of the top piece. I got some of it off...
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    For Sale Rivett 608 front part of carriage

    This is the front carriage from a Rivett 608 lathe. The serial number is 361 which dates it to 1935. This is from the same machine I have a headstock for sale from. The carriage is in overall good shape. All the gears on the backside are in great shape, so for those of you who have worn out...
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    Sold Rivett 608 headstock

    This is a headstock from a Rivett 608 serial number 361 which puts it as a 1935 machine. It is great shape. The bearings are smooth, the oilers both are there and work well, it has the reversing gear on it for the feed and it works perfectly. The back gear has both covers over the gears. The...
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    Wanted WTB Ball top Monitor kit

    If you decide to make some kits, I'd definitely be interested in one. Even if it's just the main body parts, I think you'd have no problem selling them. I would think a full blown kit would be a pain in the butt to produce so just the main cast parts of the body would be enough for most of...
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    Wanted WTB Ball top Monitor kit

    You don't happen to have another set laying around do you. My bucket list engine. Martin
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    For Sale Magnum 91 casting kit plus some extras

    I have a casting kit of the Magnum 91 (15cc) r/c plane engine. This was originally put out by Morris Moser, at least that's what the drawings show. Best I can tell is that it's from the early 90's. I picked this up several years ago and then proceeded to add to my casting kit collection to...
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    Les Chenery's Monosoupape

    I'd be interested in one of the castings if you still have any left. Martin
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    For Sale Many drills, chamfers, and counterbores

    I recently bought a toolbox from an auction and it was full of a bunch of drills, chamfer tools, and counterbores. The drills are all in good shape. Some of them may need sharpened, but for the most part they have little use. Some of the chamfer tools have been resharpened. The counterbores...
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    setting up for metal spinning

    The tool should have quite a b The back plate has a bored hole to fit the crankshaft, then it gets put on a fixture I made to turn the outside edge to match the angle of the spinner. I leave a small lip on the back of the plate for the cone to sit against. From there, the cone just gets...
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    setting up for metal spinning

    There's no point in annealing the aluminum. 1100 is pure aluminum. It's not going to get softer. I've found it can be work hardened. I've not found it necessary to anneal it in the work I do. I would also try maple. It's much finer grain than oak, though a bit more expensive. I would try...
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    setting up for metal spinning

    I wouldn't waste your time on the 6061. Just wait until the 1100 comes in. When you get out to the edge, you will need to use a back stick. At least that's how I do it. It takes some practice, but you are basically spinning the material with the tool and using the back stick as the "buck"...
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    setting up for metal spinning

    Werowance, Terry Tynan did a series of videos on spinning several years ago. I used to buy my material from him until he moved back to the UK. He has a website: Metal Spinning Workshop – Successfully helping the hobbyist and commercial clients with their metal spinning I make spinners...
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    Where to get next castings kit

    I saw the crane. I have put it in my cart and almost ordered it 8 or 10 times now. Might be a nice Christmas present to myself.