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    Harrogate Model Railway & ME Show

    Went to the show this morning to buy some 1.5", 1" & 5/8"ally round bar and also bought hex ally bars, all from Nogin. Picked up a 4 1/2" angle plate from RDG. Great show, despite the weather (lots of snow). Took some pics: and copper boilers (at a price)! Worth the trip and...
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    Hi from Western Australia!!

    Welcome to the forum, I see your a ways in from Mandurah. "slightly of the beaten track" but not too far. I did a five year stint in WA living in Baldivis. You've some great country around you.
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    Two Stroke Reed Valve Material

    I think all early Cox reeds were beryllium copper before they moved to Mylar. BC shim is still available.
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    Set Screw Advice

    +1, always sound reason and advice.
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    Sugden Special 2,49cc model diesel engine

    A beautiful example and very well made. A credit to you. My first knowledge of the engine goes way back to the Model Aero Engine Encyclopedia of which I still have my copy of the first edition. You can see a pdf of the build in chapter 25 here...
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    Hello from North Devon

    Welcome to the forum Gary. It's a great place.
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    Stepper motor Alternator

    Some general info:
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    Stepper motor Alternator

    Just to mention that filament lamps have low resistance when cold. They have a resistance ration of between 13 -15:1 between cold and hot. All filament lamps have a resistance slope including car lamps. It's the inrush current that causes a weak cold filament to fail.
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    Workshop Heating

    I've been looking at diesel heaters for quite some time. Finally bit the bullet and bought a self contained version. VERY impressed with it! These pics are showing my first trial just to see if it worked and so were outside of my work shop. The 75mm outlet hose was not attached for this trial...
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    Model engineer Exhibitions in the UK

    I went on Sunday 16th as I was on my to Essex. A good show, well attended. A few photo's of some of the exhibits: Definitely glad I attended, just hurts spending more than planned on bits and pieces :( but glad I did as some good show prices!
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    Tim from Telford, UK

    I like that simple throttle set up. The marine diesel variant Mills is the first I've seen. I have Mills engines but never knew about the marine application.
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    Tool Post Grinder for a Myford

    That looks good and solid. I do like the long nose option as well. Thank you for the images.
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    Jerry Howell - Super Stirling Fan

    Very impressive. Beautiful work, thank you for posting.
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    Tim from Telford, UK

    Great stuff an such a positive attitude! Small diesels will work with carbs, you just wont get the control that you would get with a glow motor. Are you looking at basic air bleed type carbs or twin needle?
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    Tool Post Grinder for a Myford

    The engine will go into a stunter. I have a large collection of engines from over the years but none that are "for stunt"use so I picked a few up on the bay to do venturi conversions.
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    Tool Post Grinder for a Myford

    Thank you for those links. I did consider Dremel's and even flexi shafts as I use them with my RC aircraft building. The 2MT ER11 chuck arrived today from RDG. I had a 24VDC 8A SMPS sat doing nothing so decided to use that for a power supply. I don't yet have any Dremel #85422 silicon...
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    Tool Post Grinder for a Myford

    The motor shaft is 5mm so a snug fit to the collet. Two opposing grub screws are used so that helps balance. I've run the motor up at 24VDC and it pulls around 1250mA and feels very smooth. There isn't a figure given for the power? Some threads I've looked at say an 8 to 10A power supply is best...
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    Tool Post Grinder for a Myford

    In the process of putting together a tool post grinder to fit my Myford. Reason its needed is to grind needles for model engine spray bars. First engine to get a venturi and spray bar is an OS30 glow. The needle is 1.6mm stainless so once ground will be silver soldered to the barrel nut. I...
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    Tim from Telford, UK

    Hello Tim, welcome from another aeromodeller. I'm managing with a revised ML10 and a Rishton VM60. Both fit for purpose after setting up and bringing the tooling up to scratch. Great looking model by the way. Best regaards