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    Tests of CDI Ignition Modules

    Yes, I agree. I just wanted to point out that the inductance has to decrease with an air gap. I'm no expert on ignition coils but my thoughts are as follows. The total energy stored in a coil is E = 1/2*L*i^2. This is the limiting amount of energy available. If you increase the Inductance, you...
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    Tests of CDI Ignition Modules

    The inductance of the coil will decrease when you insert an air gap. The reason for the gap is to reduce the magnetic flux in the core to make it more linear and also avoid saturation of the core. This is important in many situations. A good example from the really old days in scool when we...
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    India Tools

    My Indian 5MK test bar amazingly has three distinctly different axes. One for the tapered part, one for the cylindrical part and one for the two centre holes on the ends. I can see no use for it, and I wonder how they managed to make it like that!