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    For Sale Looking for value of casting kits to sell

    I believe the Seal is still available from Hemingway in the uk. Should give you an idea of price.
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    For Sale Looking for value of casting kits to sell

    Hi Phil, I’m not familiar with allot of the casting listed but for those who are photos would help greatly in confirming what they are, are the complete and giving an accurate price.
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    Hello from Australia + request for advice

    Hi, My last big shipment I did through DHL. Went well but for sure not the cheapest. Be aware that the packing materials need to be certified. Probably the only real way to get it correct is to have a professional company do it. Australia can be very demanding on things like this.
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    Hello from Australia + request for advice

    Maybe, but machinery is not so cheap and available as in the US. It could well be worth doing. I ended up buying a machine from South Africa and shipping it to New Zealand as it was the cheapest way….. even with $$$ for shipping.
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    Sold Gnome rotary engine casting and ME series

    Hi, Well if it is still available I will take it. Payment method? Please send me a pm to sort out the details. Thanks, H.
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    For Sale QS Merlin Castings

    Maybe some pictures would be good? You mention that some parts are complete? It would be helpful to have a list of what casting are started vs untouched. It is hard to gauge interest and value with such limited information. Regards, H.
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    For Sale QS Merlin Castings

    I would be very interested. Although I have a feeling that it will be out of my price range. Still kicking myself that I didn’t buy a set from the original designer. I was even just down the road from him for a while…… other priorities at the time I guess.
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    For Sale Deckel FP2NC "Flip-Head" CNC mill

    Hi, I’m interested but will need some time to see about transportation. Any recommendations for a rigging company? Who is bringing the new one? Thanks, H.
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    For Sale Late 1960s early 1970s Stuart Casting Kits

    Hi Tim, I would be interested in the compound with reverse. Pictures would be great. Thanks.
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    Wanted bill of materials for Satra O-440

    Unfortunately Paul Knapp is currently out of complete casting sets for the R-985 and R-1830. I believe he may still have some R-985 singles available as well as quite allot of finished parts for all 3.There doesn’t seem to be any great rush to cast any more. Regarding the M5, Paul has some of...
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    Wanted bill of materials for Satra O-440

    I to would love a copy of the 0-440 drawings if possible. Thanks.
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    Lathe swing designation

    The swing of the lathe is not the most important aspect when selecting a qctp. The top of the compound to the centre is critical. Can the qctp go low enough to get your size tools on center? Or maybe like mine it needed a small spacer under to get the best usable and most secure clamping...
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    Newbie from NZ

    So with all the kiwis here are there any on the South Island? I’m in Blenheim.
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    Newbie from NZ

    For sure!
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    Newbie from NZ

    Hi Paul, welcome! What part of the country are you in? Lots of helpful people here so ask away.
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    Diesel engine : Kromhout Gardner 4LW 1940

    Lovely engines! I spent 10 years being pushed around by a 6L3B. Great memories. I have often pondered building one, it would have to be petrol but in the spirit of the original diesel. Quite a few resources available online with good pictures and drawings. The original workshop and parts books...
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    For Sale FS casting for Wright Radial

    Sometimes i have to be lucky! I usually find these things months after they have sold. While looking around online for info on the heads i came across the original price. Why o why didn't i find/buy some then! $180 for a set of 9. I find that price a bit hard to believe but have no reason to...
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    For Sale FS casting for Wright Radial

    Hi Bob, Package arrived today, 7 days earlier that the tracking said it would! VERY happy camper! casting are lovely. great packing job to. I have done a quick comparison between the original paper drawings you supplied and the digital ones to be found online. quite a few differences. valve...
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    Bob Roach

    At the moment no. His family have at this point not found the originals. I have let them know that they would be of interest to allot of people. Hopefully they are located and made available for purchase once again.
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    Thanks for posting some pictures. hell of allot of work.