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    New Shed

    Mmmm Shed envy, my shed is only 12m x 6m x 2.7m standard galv.
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    Show Us Your Lathe

    This is a picture of my small lathe, the picture was taken at work but now the lathe is at home in my shed.
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    Why a forum on disabilities?

    Hi all, I lost my last job because I had a pesky heart attack (only my 7th) and I'm only 48. I also need both knees replaced and have 1 spinal vertebra radially broken and fused off set, and 5 vertebra collapsing (I was 6' 3" now 6' 1" tall) thanks to heavy industry an the fact I look like a...
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    New secondhand lathe

    sorry mate, bigger is better. but seriously I got it to do hydraulic cylinder repairs. It's a beautiful lathe to operate but doing fiddly little jobs it's overkill, and running a 10hp 3ph motor for a little 3mm pin yeah why not, love the DRO, next best thing to CNC. Need to install my little air...
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    New secondhand lathe

    I bought a lathe last year to replace my very old Lang lathe, I hope I didn't go overboard! It's a Taiwanese TopTec precision lathe C6256 2M gap bed and 80mm spindle bore with 2 axis Dro and a taper turning attachment. I took it to work for a while as a young lad we had working there drove the...