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  1. mikelkie


    I've been asked by a guy what the difference of an engine lathe. a centre lathe and a tool makers lathes are. I am embarrassed that being doing work on almost all types of machines that, could not answer him but only guessing any help out there?
  2. mikelkie

    5"g Simplex steam loco build (hopefully)

    Looking good Bazmak, any work on the boiler yet?
  3. mikelkie

    5"g Simplex steam loco build (hopefully)

    Made a little progress since last reply, Don't know what to call it yet was suppose to be a Simplex in 7/ 1/4 but with almost simplex framework, non scaled wheels, American valvegear (Baker) SAR boiler and tender no side tanks and bunker and may be american cab. Perhaps a Complex? I was hooked...
  4. mikelkie

    Brian builds a Corliss

    I know you can't wait till August when i'll be visiting my kids in Toronto, will be glad to help out. I happened to be in machine repair business. Hope you come right soon. Regards mike
  5. mikelkie

    Money to spend on inserts and holder for lathe

    But extremely pricey too:(
  6. mikelkie

    Hodgson finished

    Bravo well done and a beautiful piece
  7. mikelkie

    Let's talk milling machines

    Hi Hennie, in RSA there are many Bridgeport mills to be had at very reasonable prices. I recently sold one with 2 axis feed and Newall dro. I like heavy machines for myself for sturdiness and could not work on a flimsy machine from the east, except Japanese. I advise everyone to save a little...
  8. mikelkie

    Automation of a horizontal bandsaw

    Thank you SD
  9. mikelkie

    Automation of a horizontal bandsaw

    They must be moving tons of metal daily to generate so much rust free sawdust.
  10. mikelkie

    Automation of a horizontal bandsaw

    I did bundle cutting in the past, but i did this more for keeping my seventy something old brain in touch with control circuitry and perhaps the challenge getting it working, and having an excuse not to go visiting in laws over weekends :( it definitely came in useful for other projects as well...
  11. mikelkie

    Automation of a horizontal bandsaw

    Auto band saw Thanx all for interest shown Regards Mike
  12. mikelkie

    Automation of a horizontal bandsaw

    Will make a video as soon as i get back in town Regards qll Mike
  13. mikelkie

    Automation of a horizontal bandsaw

    I needed to make a few hundred spacers 22mm long out of en1a 20mm od roundbar, tapped M8 x10mm deep hole for a client, Since cutting 700 blanks will take roughly 13 hours i decided to automate my bandsaw, using redundant pneumatic cylinders and off cut materials.It took four weekends to...
  14. mikelkie

    Clayton Steam Wagon completted

    Work like that should be nominated for the gold medal, Well done!
  15. mikelkie

    How can I find a good home for my father's steam engine

    What a shame or disgrace that someone's labour of love to go that way. I think that Richard would find that all model engineers or at least most of them are people with decent values and respectful of others accomplishments. I trust his engine will find a good home. (btw i like the baker valve...
  16. mikelkie

    Alldays & Onions pneumatic hammer

    I would like to build a model of an A & O pneumatic hammer, or other makes but i'm unable to find drawings for it. Anyone have an idea where to find such? Thanx so much regards all.
  17. mikelkie

    junk cast iron

    Cutting ci with a cutting torch is a mess, grinding is ok but very laborious, i wish i had that B Port here as i have the rest of the parts to reinstate that mill. As it stands there weighs in around 840 kg, The average thickness of the casting is around 20 mm. and is excellent material.;) good...
  18. mikelkie

    I like to do bench grinders

    Keep up such nice work
  19. mikelkie

    Build my own milling machine

    Like MrMetric say if you like building machine tools go for it, or you will be wasting time and and get frustrated and may even loose enthusiasm. if you were close by and with the strong pound you could buy a working Bridgeport from me for thirteen hundred pounds incl. vice and feed on X axis...
  20. mikelkie

    Trouble turning hot rolled steel!

    I'm not familiar with the hot rolled steel 1018 , in RSA we have hot rolled steel called wm300 used for die set bases etc. it quite soft and hardens where welded. I turn up to 200mm (8 in)dia with a insert at high speed with exellent finish but facing not too good but acceptable i use neat...