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  1. J

    New member from Scotland

    Hi Ritchie, Thanks for the support, much appreciated. Hopefully my foray into engine building will add a new dimension to the workshop. I know I will run into a few challenges so thought I would join this forum to share the knowledge with like minded souls. Cheers Jon
  2. J

    New member from Scotland

    Hi Dave, thanks for reply, when I get time, I will dig through here, I believe there are some other Jan Ridders builders so I am hoping to get some useful information etc. Cheers, Jon
  3. J

    New member from Scotland

    Hi all, My name is Jon and I have recently set up a home workshop. I am just commencing the make of a Jan Ridders Marc engine and will be posting videos of the build on my YouTube channel if anyone wants to follow along. I am a time served toolmaker who has spent the last 30 odd years in...