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    Mini diesel engine.

    i think these members just need some friends , instead get on a forum & gasbag about their (apparent) huge knowledge of everthing except model engines , gets way off topic real quick , solves nothing from the original poster , end up with pages of totally irrelevent crap , see it here a lot , in...
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    Ford 300 Inline Six

    first inline six cylinder with a firing order that isnt 1-5-3-6-2-4 ? , even a 'real' 300 cube ford is 1-5-3-6-2-4 , i think youll find every in- line- six ever made will run in that order , not that it 'wont ' run but vibration wise you'll find out pretty quick , why its never done
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    Finishing piston o.d. with toolpost grinder

    engine shops ( i mean car engine machining ) would laugh at this , they machine/hone bores to fit pistons , not pistons to fit bores . brake cylinder hone in a tiny cast iron cylinder like this would take hardly a minute . p.s.piston material to increase compression ? these things dont work...
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    Shop built sparkplugs for model engines

    surface discharge , no separate earth electrode tip , good luck
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    Knucklehead Drawings

    WLA is 'side -valve', Knuckle-head ,Pan-head, Evo any of the 'push-rod' motors are all (obviously) 'over-head-valve' designs
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    Horizontal Air Cooled Engine

    rings correct size (tension in cylinder), correct (proportional to cylinder) ring gap , honed & crosshatched cylinder , lubricated cylinder (splash,drip fed ,anything but dry cylinder wall) , but 'piston material to increase compression'? thats not really how these things work
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    Offenhauser Mighty Midget Racing engine

    cam gears vary according to the customer ? cam rotation is 50 % crankshaft rotation no matter the cam/s or the customer for that matter
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    Cheap imported hit-miss engine

    They say 'never let the truth get in the way of a good story' (bit like the fairytale of verfiying that piston rings rotate in operation (which does not/cannot happen), by looking for oil particles in the exhaust ??), and in the age of the internet where information is so easy to verify one...
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    Piston ring gaps orientation

    jeez.....i love how wild a tangent the simplest questions go on here , now , coming from a practicing mechanic of more than 30 yrs , i just want to set the 'piston ring gap story ' straight , now remember this is in relation to commercially produced engines be it car , motorcycle , mower ...
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    Bore stroke ratio

    wrist pin/gugeon pins are always offset to rotation direction (clockwise rotation - pin toward right-hand side) so off-centre -yes , pistons (commecially made i.e. car ,m/cycle , industrial ,garden equip , etc) have a direction marked on them , this is for (sometimes) valve reliefs,porting & so...
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    Bore stroke ratio

    a fly wheel is never going to determine idle speed , dampen crank loads , dull crank acceleration yes ,but will not determine the speed of any thing , combustion quality will give you the slowest operating speed , this will not be so easy with such a small combustion chamber , lower compression...
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    Bore stroke ratio

    sonic air intake speeds ? totally impossible , car petrol engine , nothing like it , 10-15 cc model engine struggles to idle from (more than anything)from poor atomisation , you can scale the motor down but not the air , or more to the point the droplets of fuel in the air fed into your tiny...