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    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

    Finished Engine is a 36cc parallel (360 Degree) twin based loosely on the Wallaby design by Edger Westbury. Capacity: 2.2 Cubic Inch (36 cc) Bore: 1.08” Stroke 1.22” Compression ratio 6 to 1 The engine was an experiment, I wanted to build something with the following: Air Cooling More...
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    Hi from Western Australia!!

    Welcome Mate.
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    small camshaft

    I grind mine the master is made by hand.
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    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

    Running nice now, just need to finish the base and tidy it up.
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    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

  6. D and D

    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

    Final Assembly
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    Hello everyone, I need some help!

    Great sound.
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    Edgar T Westbury Seal 15cc

    Please see attached.
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    The Westbury Jensen C.I. Special - Any Construction Articles Out There?

    Have you had a look at Ron's Model Engineering and Model IC Engines Index
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    Unsatisfied !?

    “Strive for excellence, not perfection, because we don't live in a perfect world.” is the full quote.
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    Unsatisfied !?

    Sounds like we agree Peter, strive for excellence not perfection.
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    Unsatisfied !?

    Yes I would, I enjoy the manufacturing as much as the finished item. I often think of a quote by Nevil Shute Norwood " For my own part, I was learning what better men than I had learned before me. That to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour.
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    Gypsy Engine

    I like to lock them with a grub screw.
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    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

    Carby Finished
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    Teflon in Australia

    I have some round I can part off at 6mm if that helps, in Nowra NSW. not far away let me know finished size you want.
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    30cc Inline Twin 4-stroke Engine based on Westbury's Wallaby

    Tremendous thing you are doing. Lets hope we see a few more. top shelf job thanks.
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    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

    Thanks, more to come. I hope to finish it over the Christmas break , I will keep you posted.
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    Home Foundry

    Brake disks are the go to for me.
  19. D and D

    Simple crankshaft bearing.

    Yes the Anzani Three cylinder radial
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    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

    A twin based loosely on the Westbury Wallaby nearing completion.