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  1. GailInNM

    James Coombes but not as you know him

    Great workman ship and beautiful finished model. Gail
  2. GailInNM

    Cutting gaskets with K40-style laser?

    I cut many 1000's of gasket paper gaskets out of 0.008 gasket stock for steam engine kits that I sold for about 25 years. Also cut many out of 0.015 and 0.032 stock for personal use. I also cut a lot of gaskets out of PTFE from 00.005 to 0.025 stock. Many people are afraid to laser cut PTFE...
  3. GailInNM

    my gauge 1 live "diesel" shunter

    Gedeon, Very nice, I have built 10 Gauge 1 IC powered locomotives so I know what a challlenge they can be. Your switcher is more elaborate than any of mine and very well done. All of my locomotives were powered by shop built 0.9 ccm hit and miss spark ignition petrol engines. The last two were...
  4. GailInNM

    Two Stroke Reed Valve Material

    I did something similar about 15 years ago for a couple of1.6 cc engines I built.. I used PTFE,, about 0.004 or 0.005 thick as I recall. I cut them out using a laser engraver and did several different thicknesses and all worked fine. The PTFE sheet I had was on a roll so had a slight curve in...
  5. GailInNM

    What have you been doing today?

    Any more political discussion in this thread will be either edited or oeleted.
  6. GailInNM

    Mills 1.3

    Andrew, Great build. I have a soft spot for the Mills as I flew on in a single channel escapement controlled radio control model in the late 1950's so it brings back memories. I have also split cast iron stock in a manner similar to what you did. While I don't think it will affect your part...
  7. GailInNM

    Engine won't start

    I can't tell from the photos, but is the top of your fuel tank below the carb? If it is above as soon as the engine tries to start it will go way too rich to run and lead to fuel dripping out of the carb. Gail
  8. GailInNM

    Sold Complete set of Strictly I.C. Magazines (84 issues)

    If you don't already have it, you should download the index to SIC. It makes a valuable addition to you you set of SIC. It is available from many places on the internet. One is: Gail
  9. GailInNM

    Wanted Spark Plug boots for 1/4 - 32 Plugs I need a source

    If anyone is interested in molding your one boots, I did a tutorial on building and using a mold about a dozen years ago. It is at: Gail
  10. GailInNM

    Hello from Taos, NM

    Johnny, Welcome to the HMEM forum. I am sure that you will fit in here nicely as in addition to your great clock making skills you have many other varied interests. Your intro caught my eye for two reasons. First, model engineers in NM are a rare breed, and second you have a DYNA machine. I am...
  11. GailInNM

    CNC engraving text

    Gary, Your feeds a DOC are mulch too high for a 0.1 mm tip diameter engraving tool. I use the same type of cutter quite a bit, but mostly with a 0.2 mm tip diameter and for engraving printed circuit boards, but I have engraved aluminum on rare occasions. I have engraved a few very small PCBs...
  12. GailInNM

    Metal to metal dry lubrication... what product?

    Brian, I have used Dupont Non-Stick dry film lube for many years where I needed those qualities...
  13. GailInNM

    Teflon as spark plug insulator

    Another insulator material that I have been using for the last year or two is pultruded fiberglass epoxy rod. It is in common use as the shaft for bicycle safety flags so is easy to find. If you or a friend has an axel mount safety flag you can even pull it out of the stamped mount and saw off...
  14. GailInNM

    Another “Tiny” I.C. My first model engine

    Welcome back Lee. Would like to see your Twin Tiny. Gail
  15. GailInNM

    Do train locomotive components for G scale live steam exist today?

    Jim, I sent you an contact in your area in a conversation. Gail
  16. GailInNM

    Do train locomotive components for G scale live steam exist today?

    There are a lot of active scratch builders in the US building live steam in Gauge 1 -- 45mm/1-3/4 track and many parts are available in various scales. There are some 1:32 scale done, but it is used more by the elecvtric modelers. More popular are 1:20.6 and 1:13.7 scales which are used to...
  17. GailInNM

    Damages during project.

    If the remaining Vee block is a little bit longer than the height of your milling vice jaws, cut it off so it matches the vice jaws and you will have a very handy tool for milling work on the end of short round stock.. t may recu e the pain a little bit.
  18. GailInNM

    Mini diesel engine.

    With the assistance of other moderators and the support of forum members I have removed or edited about a dozen posts in this thread. Some of the affected posts were not offensive but were removed or edited because they were no longer relavant as they were referencing posts that had been...
  19. GailInNM

    Another “Tiny” I.C. My first model engine

    Your "Tiny" is an excellent tribute to Arv's memory. In addition to our banter here on HMEM, Arv and I exchanged many emails and I considered him a friend and mentor. He is missed. I knew he had passed, but had never seen his obit. Thanks for posting the link to it. I used to keep count of the...
  20. GailInNM

    Tiny I.C. Engine

    Welcome to the "Tiny" club. Great workman ship and a nice runner. I will be following your new thread to see what variations and innovations you have incorperated in your "Tiny". Gail