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    1916 65 HP Case Traction Engine 1/16 Scale

    I have set of wheels like yours I'm intending to build sometime. My plan of the moment is to solder the spokes to the hub, then when all is cooled, red Lock-Tite the spokes to the rims. Or solder only one spoke at a time, hub and rim and let cool. Just my thoughts. As I'm basicly a...
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    Kimble Engine.

    Thanks for the idea.
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    Kimble Engine.

    I copied this from another model engineering website: This type of engine was invented by Emory Kimble at the end of the 19th century and manufactured by the Comstock Manufacturing Co. in Michigan. The original engines ranged from 2HP to 45 HP, and were turned out at a rate of about 25 a month...
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    Kimble Engine.

    At this point in time, we want to keep all the engines and eventually get them going. In fact, we are enlarging our building for the collection. The family has asked that we keep the collection together and make some sort of memorial to the gentleman. The boilers he was using will never pass...
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    What kind of lathe process would you recommend to make low pressure pneumatic cylinders?

    What are you making? Where are you headed? I would think PVC pipe would work good without any need to finish the inside. I'd have to put a little thought into how make up a rod seal end.
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    Kimble Engine.

    Yesterday, some friends and I were privileged to check out a collection of stationary steam engines an estate wishes to donate to an organization to preserve them and show them off. There are several engines (6-8-10 of them) and a boiler or two(which would never be certified to build steam)...
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    What have you been doing today?

    My cat bites!!! Little scamp!! I was standing in from of the bathroom sink and she came up behind me, was rubbing and all, then she decided to take a nip out of my leg!!! And I don't know why, but she has to come and help me go to the bathroom!! If I don't latch the door, she'll push it open...
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    Unsatisfied !?

    I don't know about you guys, but when I started making model engines and such, I figured I made each machine at least twice to get one!! As I became more experienced, I got somewhat better. Now, I make 1 1/2 to get one!!LOLOL As someone mentioned, there is the "wow" factor others see in your...
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    John Tom Site

    I just looked over that Archive site of John-Tom. Didn't look real hard, but it's nice to know that site is there. I bookmarked it. I purchased the plans for that r/c crane shown there. Slowly gathering up materials to build it. It has r/c only on the boom lift and load lift, but I think with...
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    John Tom Site

    I hope the site comes back. They had a lot of great plans, many great for beginners. I've actually downloaded several of the plans. I bought the plans for the orange crane. Started gathering materials for it. Not I have to learn about R/C!!!!
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    HSS Lathe Tool Shapes and Angles

    Some time ago, I found/copied/made a small gauge made from sheet metal that has most of the common angles used in machining steel. Go to e-bay and look up "lathe bit gauge" or google "Southbend lathe bit gauge" and several of them will show up. It's a very simple gauge and easy to use. I...
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    Looking for hit and miss engine plans

    I looked them up on google. There are a lot of them available. Some of the smaller ones were fairly reasonable. Might have to build something just so I can use one!!!
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    Looking for hit and miss engine plans

    I'm interested in that planetary clutch. I can see lots of uses for that.
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    Totally off topics

    Best thing I did one year: I had an obsolete Railroad cross-buck with the flashing lights I used for some safety presentations. I changed the bulbs to 12 volts and found a flasher that made the lights flash alternately. I set it in my driveway, along with a CD player, playing a recording of...
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    Zdenek in the Czech Republic

    Where in the Czech Republic are you??
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    Dry milling aluminum in general and 5154 in the hobby

    I'll add my 2-bits worth. I've been told that raw crude oil is a good lube/coolant, as it is high in sulphur. I have a gallon jug of it, but I never used it because it smells so bad. Perhaps gently brushing it on would work. As far as removing chips, I've used a vacuum cleaner as I'm milling to...
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    bud kahn plans

    Yes, I'll be sure to keep you in mind. Seems fair to me. But probably not much gonna happen until October, as I have a number of irons in the fire. If you don't hear from me, drop me a line to remind me. Could you send me a pic or diagram of the track pieces? Another member here is needing...
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    bud kahn plans

    Did you ever get the pieces for your tracks completed?? I might be able to help you. Also would it be possible to get a copy from your plans?? You can best reach me at: [email protected] I’m out of town today but I’ll be at my home computer tomorrow. Much easier than my phone with the...
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    bud kahn plans

    I would be very interested in the plans. Could you email me a pic or 3 to see if they are the ones I’m looking for. My email is: [email protected] I’m out of town right now but I’ll be to my home computer tomorrow afternoon. I bought a set of his crane plans years ago but misplaced them...