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    Larger format Prusa 3D Printer

    I have have the MMU2 on my Prusa Mk 3, and have printed quite a few things with multiple materials. mostly just different colors, but a few using PLA for support material on PETG prints. That makes removing supports amazingly easy since the two materials will not stick together to any degree...
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    New member from East Tennessee

    Welcome to another Tennessean! I live in Dandridge, near Knoxville.
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    Larger format Prusa 3D Printer

    I agree! As a retired machine designer/builder who worked in manufacturing for about 60 years I have been greatly saddened by the move to offshore manufacturing. Now, to bring things back, there will be a HUGE lack of human resources that know what to do. It would take decades to re-populate...
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    Summer Garden battles about to begin

    Old joke: If lost in the forest, find a possum and follow it. You will be in the middle of a road in no time. 😂
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    Constraints/Dimensions or No Constraints/Dimensions in 3D Modeling

    Cadam was a LONG time ago, very difficult 2D. I used Intergraph for some time decades ago, it was 2D mainframe system running on a Vax computer, with a two screen large tablet work station. Anvil 1000MD 2D is still around. Since I have used 3D for about 20 years now, would really hate to have...
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    Constraints/Dimensions or No Constraints/Dimensions in 3D Modeling

    I have a long history of professional CAD use, starting in the early 1980's, after years of pencil drafting. Used multiple 2D systems (Cadam, Intergraph, Microstation, Anvil 1000 MD, Autocad, and . By far I loved Anvil 1000 MD best of all for 2D! Hated Autocad after using Anvil for years...
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    Original Green Twin Oscillator Drawings by PatJ

    I only have FDM printing capabilities, so if that process is used the bearing support protrusions would have to be seperate items to get a flat surface on the build plate, but alignment pockets for the seperate protrusions would be an issue. An option would be an alighment jig to hold the...
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    Flywheel becoming loose (setscrew is used)

    10+ years machinist/tool and die maker, then over 40 years machine design engineer, I learned very early on to hate set screws on rotating shafts with a blinding purple passion! I used many different shaft locking devices over the decades, and absolutely refused to put a set screw on a shaft...
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    Original Green Twin Oscillator Drawings by PatJ

    WOW! That is really nice work. My first thought was "The base pattern was more work than the rest of the engine!" I may try that engine one day but I would either machine all from raw stock, or 3D print the base pattern. I would likely print multiple pieces and glue them together. It could be...
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    Hello from Tennessee

    I have purchased Cast Iron from McMaster-Carr (, high quality, lots of sizes/shapes, FAST delivery! I am on the other end of TN. 8>)
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    Need bezel for old Mitutoyo calipers

    I just purchased a couple crystals for dial drop indicators, this eBay vendor has many different ones, and even though they are in China delivered in about a week. They have all kinds of measuring equipment parts, such as tips, some hands, CMM parts...
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    Question re: filament

    I have a Prusa MK3 printer, and print about equal amounts of PLA+ and PETG. Also print some Wood filled, ABS rarely, and glow in the dark. Almost all my filament is eSun from Amazon. Their PLA Pro (PLA+) prints extremely well, and is almost as strong as PETG.
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    Money to spend on inserts and holder for lathe

    Correct. I have a Chinese 250 size (BXA) Aloris wedge style, and holders from three different sources. All fit and function the same.
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    New Member from Tn

    Welcome! I am in TN also, far east side. 40 miles east of Knoxville.
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    Money to spend on inserts and holder for lathe

    Now that you posted a picture I know what you are talking about. My lathe (Jet GHB1340) came with one of those 4 way tool posts. After a month of fiddling with shimming tool heights I got an Aloris style QCTP and several tool holders, put the 4 way in a drawer, never to be used again. I have...
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    Money to spend on inserts and holder for lathe

    That is a QC tool post, which probably a high percentage of us are using. me included. I know what a QC toolpost is. My question was to WAZRUS, as he posted "I have about four complete toolposts, most of which wear HSS tooling, so the QC toolposts really aren't relevant. Toolposts are...
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    Money to spend on inserts and holder for lathe

    Picture of one of your "Toolposts"? I have no idea what you mean by changing toolpost quicker than a QC toolpost.
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    valve lapping

    You do not need to "char" Loctite to seperate parts. Loctite will soften (it is a polymer), and make it easier to separate parts at a much lower temp. I have removed many parts, bearings, bushings, screws and nuts, by heating just enough for the Loctite to soften and make removal easy. Never...
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    Model sized nuts

    I have ordered BA screws and nuts from: BA Fasteners, Imperial Fasteners, Micro Metric Stainless, Small Screws, UNC Square Nuts, Ba Screws, Ba Bolts, Very reasonable postage costs, ship quickly, and great variety. They also have imperial sizes.