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    For Sale Vintage Stuart Turner D10 Steam Engine Single Cylinder Vertical Castings

    Would this be a 10v & not a d10? I do like that 1 piece crankshaft. Someone will make you an offer. Cheers
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    HELP, my shop is a MESS

    I feel your pain. my ADD often finds me working on many projects at the same time. then there’s the tools I build to work on the project I’m in the middle of. and I save all the scraps from projects, it can be a problem. but i digress….
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    Unsatisfied !?

    Also Richard, a sharpened pitchfork (and an axe) comes in handy when changing the oil in my Miata.
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    Experimental Flash Steam and others

    i know you said stick is out. but, I would use this process rather than mig. even ER60 mig is hard to machine or file. 7018 or even 6013 would be my preference (I know nothing about TIG so cannot commen on that) but a number of short stick welds over a time period so shaft wouldn’t get too hot...
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    Stuart No 4 Engine

    F350, just saw this build log this morning. Will make some great reading. Thanks
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    Thanks for letting me join from NW Washington State

    Hi Todd. I lived in Cathlamet Wa years ago. On my walks I would often stop at the museum there and look at the Wiliamette 3 truck Shay type locomotive on display there. Crown Zellerbach operated it transporting logs. They are real bulldogs. Lloyd-ss I had a knee replacement 10 or so yrs ago...
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    Unsatisfied !?

    When you have a Lowbed idling at the loading ramp waiting on a boom, bucket, pin boss, or some part you are machining, you have to strive for what’ll work in the real world, not perfection. And you must know the difference.
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    Experimental Flash Steam and others

    It seems (at least in the U.S.) you are more likely to be killed at a school or while shopping than by a bear. Am I allowed to say that?
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    Good morning from Olympia WA!

    Richard, say hello to Manny Pacquiao for me, eh?
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    Good morning from Olympia WA!

    Richard, Oly Wa is only 50 min from The Home. we’ve been having really good weather lately. I’m trying to put the fork tubes together & back on the bike before it starts raining again. +1 on the cinnamon bread.
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    Good morning from Olympia WA!

    They bus us there from The Home.
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    Good morning from Olympia WA!

    At my age? Oly Wa has a great a farmers market BTW.
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    Good morning from Olympia WA!

    I crewed on a sailboat for many years in the South Sound racing series out of Swantown Marina in Olympia. i, unlike Richard, am shy.
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    Motorcycle model

    With your obvious skill I would be surprised if you do not end up building your own frame for the 4 cyl engine. Love that kick starter.
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    Shop built steady rest

    Most xlnt! What we have here is a case of re-inventing the wheel because there were no wheels to be found. Good on you.
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    Making a model Cannon

    I made this “Mole Cannon” years ago. Large moles are a problem where I live. While strictly not a cannon, that’s what i’ve always called it. Shoots a 12ga. shotgun shell. It weighs 30lbs & is very effective. Although I live in the boonies, i always cover it with a large water tank when I...
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    Question on drilling brass parts

    When using drill press or mill to drill anything that might *grab*, i use use the threaded depth stop and advance it while drilling. This works for me.
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    Marks Kiln build

    My wife has a wood-fired pizza oven she had shipped from Italy, yes shipping these small ovens can be costly. Her oven will get up to 1000 deg, she actually let me anneal a small engine frame in it “one time” Mark your workmanship is very professional. Abby, when you were describing the mishap...
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    Marks Kiln build

    Randoo, yes i live in Castle Rock area. I suspect U got hammered with snow & ice too. Looks like Mark really got it. We haven’t had any mail delivery since last Tuesday. Lunch with you & Mark sometime would be good. Richard also, he sounds like a wild & crazy guy. Stay warm & outa the ditch's.
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    Marks Kiln build

    Randoo, i buy steel for my welding projects from Waites in Longview. Lotsa remnants, & round rems for machining projects. I’ve been gonna go to Metal Supermarket in Portland, (look up their website) to see what they have, they’re by PDX Costco. Never been there myself yet. Usta but from Wayron...