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    3d Printed Double Acting Engine

    Now print a compressor. Dan.
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    Making a small lead screw for a Palmgren milling att.

    A quick web search shows that you can buy an M8x1.0 70 mm long leadscrew for under £10 , cutting a leadscrew with a button die is not a good idea as over a 3 inch length it will be difficult to get an even cut by hand . I am presuming that you haven't got a lathe for screwcutting which would be...
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    Newbie needs advice about a lathe

    Thanks for the replies , my post was a bit tongue in cheek! I was thinking of an outdoor boiler using the wood from some trees we cut down last summer, connecting a useable heat output to my existing indoor radiators is the problem to solve as the hot water would need to travel quite some...
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    Newbie needs advice about a lathe

    I love you guys , the penultimate post before a 3 month break was about going off topic because several posts were discussing the correct use of the English language, This thread has restarted on it's intended subject and after 3 posts the subject has changed to keeping warm in bed. I am not...
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    Inexpensive (cheap) Surface Plate

    A piece of plate glass is good enough for most of us and a tip I saw somewhere is to place the glass on a suitable surface with a frame around it about 3/4" deep then fill with plaster of paris. This covers any sharp edges and makes handling and using much easier. Dan.
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    Quick Change Tool Post - Need Advice

    I made mine for my Pultra lathe with about a dozen toolholders. At the time there was nothing small commercially available so I made a few and sold them on Ebay, didn't take long before a Chinese version appeared.
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    Filtering molten cast iron.

    Spilling molten metal onto concrete may not cause an explosion , but any moisture will immediately turn to steam and this can hurl blobs of hot metal several feet in all directions, they can cause irritating burns if they find a way into your boots or gloves etc.
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    Odd-leg calipers ??

    I have two or three pairs which I never use, you could have them but unfortunately the postage would probably cost more than they are worth. Dan.
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    Constraints/Dimensions or No Constraints/Dimensions in 3D Modeling

    I often use copy and paste between my ViaCad drawings , I am currently designing a new kitchen and have drawings for all the elements such as various sized base units. I copy and paste these as required into the main drawing. When producing patterns for castings from 2D drawings I often paste...
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    'Plastic Wood' equivalent for gunmetal ?

    Almost any filler will work if the surface is only to be painted , for visible surfaces I have some powdered bronze which can be mixed with Araldite and pressed into the holes , when set it can be sanded down . You could even fill the holes with soft solder or ,if the part will stand red heat...
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    3D cad question

    I think the question "what cad ?" is rather like "what lathe ?" everyone recommends their personal product as the best even though most have no experience of more than one or two different products. I think it is fair to say that they all do the job , after a fashion , and it's a pity that the...
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    Seeking info

    Preferential weld decay ? back in the early 1970's I was lab technician /weld inspector for a British aero space company. When TIG welding stainless steel we had to use Niobium stabilised filler rods. Long term contact with certain liquids causes corrosion of the weld due to the loss of alloying...
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    Myford S7 Half Nut

    Can't you get them from Myford ? I think they were bought out by RGD Tools Ltd. If not it should be an ideal project for 3D printing and investment casting which would be easier than machining from solid. Dan.
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    Gamage lathe

    As already stated you can get accuracy out of most machines but to be honest for clock or instrument making you will want something a little better. You are almost certainly going to need a collet accepting lathe for clock making (I almost wrote for clockwork). One to lookout for is the Pultra...
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    Gamage lathe

    Take some good close-up photos of the parts so that we can see , then we could make suggestions or offer advice. Try better lighting for your pics so that the points you need advice on can be clearly seen. There is not much on those pre-war lathes that can't be fixed with a little help. What...
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    Focus on something .

    I have only had one post deleted over the many years that I have been a member, and that was due to my thoughts regarding who owns the copyright to our work and comments posted here . Needless to say I still believe that forums , including this one , are the property of the members and are only...
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    Would you like to meet our new product - Beam Steam Engine?

    Thanks KC , I hadn't read all the posts so I missed that. I have to admit I joined several model forums to push my castings but I gave advice where I thought it might help. Dan.
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    Would you like to meet our new product - Beam Steam Engine?

    I find this post strange , are you planning to manufacture what you refer to as "our beam engine" as a commercial enterprise ? If this is the case are you already a manufacturer with production facilities ? If true then why are you pumping members of a model making forum for their views on your...
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    Seeking info

    Distilling fermented liquor results in a constant boiling mixture . Look up the definition of azeotrope. Absolute alcohol i.e. 100% can be produced by removing the water . There are several ways to do this including the use of epsom salt. Methanol can be separated from the ethanol by using a...
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    Motorcycle two-stroke that does not need cylinder oil?

    The Villiers "wulf" 2 stroke twin had stepped pistons and oil bath bottom end. Dan.