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    Next Project

    Intricate and complex Or the Bristol Hercules sleeve valve engine
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    Next Project

    I second a BR-2 Radial
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    Offenhauser 270 & V8 Profi

    I’d like a copy of you can get your hands on one
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    For Sale QS Merlin Castings

    I would like to buy these
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    Sold Congeve clock

    I don't get on here much, I messaged you on Ebay. Please PM So i don't miss your reply. Thanks
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    Sold Congeve clock

    Send me a pm. I want the Clock, Marine Engine, and ???? What other castings do you have?
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    Sold Congeve clock

    still available?
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    Sold Ellwe marine engine casting set

    I will take these, please pm
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    Cabin Fever coming up soon!

    I bought one of the Debolt Pattern Sets, does anyone know who bought the other patterns? I would like to make an offer on one of the sets that I missed. Thanks Elliot 308-940-1971
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    Offenhauser 270 & V8 Profi

    Here it is
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    Offenhauser 270 & V8 Profi

    The Offy is a Gem! I bought these 2, a Jemma 7 cyl radial, and a 2cyl aero engine. Gave the 7 cyl radial to my dad for Xmas, made a nice addition to his 1/4 scale Merlin! Thank you for the help
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    Offenhauser 270 & V8 Profi

    Thank you-we’re these plans sold? Or were these complete engines sold by a company? Thanks
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    Offenhauser 270 & V8 Profi

    I just picked up this Offy Model. I have the plans from Ron for the one he built. Did he make these castings and have them available at one time? Did anyone else cast these Offy’s? I plan to disassemble this engine, check dimensions and tolerances and try to get it to run! Here is also a v8...
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    Wanted Wanted: Model IC Casting Sets

    I am looking for any and all casting sets for model engines. Radials, singles, twins, 4cyl’s, 6cyls, v8’s, V12’s, hit and miss, any and ALL IC engines. I prefer sets that are no longer in production. I have a very extensive casting collection, and always looking to add more. I do have a...
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    Model generator build from casting kit.

    Just bought this kit, steam generator, and pump! Excited to get it
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    Les Chenery's Monosoupape

    I want to buy the casting and drawing. How many left to get an order in? Ill buy as many needed to get the order complete Thanks Elliot
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    Wanted: Cole’s Hit & Miss Power Model Prints

    Good afternoon everybody! I came across a Cole’s Power’s Model hit and miss engine casting set. Does anyone here have a set of prints for it? I will gladly pay for a copy to be made for me. Thank you very much! With much love from Nebraska