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  1. J

    Hi from Western Australia!!

    Welcome to the group. What do you want to build? cheers Jeff
  2. J

    Hello from Australia + request for advice

    Welcome to forum you mention little formal training and learning from youtube much the same as myself interested in what machinery you already have and what are your goals? given that this is a hobby forum I’m thinking this is the type of machining you will be doing i wouldn’t dismiss doing a...
  3. J

    Inexpensive (cheap) Surface Plate

    Usefull video describing how a plate was made diy
  4. J

    Metal casting at home

    Have you got a link to his experiments and working Seems limited info on YouTube channel
  5. J

    Metal casting at home

    Thanks for the link to Jeff’s video Quick looks shows some awesome skills I think.. Shows the advantage of chemically set sand? Cheers Jeff
  6. J

    Metal casting at home

    agree the “one off” nature of lost foam seems a disadvantage however I must say the results that Kelly is getting appears outstanding especially the reproduction of fins which is amazing when Compared to what I have seen from green sand work his treatise on thin wall aluminium is equally...
  7. J

    OUTERZONE - Model Engine Plans

    Yep that worked
  8. J

    OUTERZONE - Model Engine Plans

    Having trouble using the search terms to find the engine plans any suggestions cheers jeff
  9. J

    Mini quick change tool posts

    Been enjoying your series of posts Thankyou I like that being long format you have time to discuss and describe what is going on cheers jeff
  10. J

    Tiny Super a usefull reference with history nice example on youtube. Is this yours ghostly? nice build going on here cheers jeff
  11. J

    Money to spend on inserts and holder for lathe

    Just a Wannabe try hard .. don’t know much hobbist i buy banggood and AliExpress holders and inserts its been a lesson in understanding insert numbers and material types. … so a lot of inappropriate purchaces!, the videos of Stefen have guided my choices the intro to this video is usefull...
  12. J

    Adjustment Problem - Cross slide lifting

    Search the Internet for mini lathe 7x12 and you will find a wealth of info on the common shortcomings of the Chinese laths and their possible fixes. I have a 7x12 and a little finishing work has resulted in a usefull lathe Already having a mill will help greatly with the fine tuning of your...
  13. J

    Ted Young Hit & Miss Drawings

    I also have a set of castings here in Australia. I have photocopies of the the build notes out of the magazine articles that include drawings. Happy to do anything to help. I Purchaced the kit a a naive beginner who wanted to build an engine - I remain to overwhelmed to begin. Trying to...