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  1. stanstocker

    Drilling Very Small Holes

    For those contemplating the EDM rabbit hole, we had a thread on building EDM devices a couple a while back: Cheers, Stan
  2. stanstocker

    Drilling Very Small Holes

    Hi Folks, Here's a video on making small drill bits commercially: It is sadly one of those somewhat fluffy and "Gee-whiz general audience" sorts of videos, so details are limited, but all the general steps are there. Harvey Tools carries bits down to 0.002 inch...
  3. stanstocker

    Drilling Very Small Holes

    Sorry to take a bit of time to get back, needed to go read over the plans and see. For the micro drill press Jerry suggested the chuck be chosen based on smallest diameter to be drilled. If using numbered bits up to 60 or similarly huge drills the smallest Jacobs chucks could be a good choice...
  4. stanstocker

    Drilling Very Small Holes

    Greetings folks! Timo's nicely made miniature drill press reminded me that Jerry Howell designed several gadgets that might be of interest. A miniature drill press, a micro drill press, and a high(er) speed mill spindle accessory. I know Jerry used to drill the 0.006 inch orifice in his...
  5. stanstocker

    What have you been doing today?

    Did some painting and squirrel proofing (resisting?) outside yesterday, we had a lovely 62 degree day. Scaffolding still reminds me of the old monkey bars in the school recess yard, but they aren't as much fun at 64 years old with a tweaked sciatic nerve. Painted some cabinet frames and doors...
  6. stanstocker

    HELP, my shop is a MESS

    This is following on to several posts regarding glasses for sorting out small bits and pieces. I have the interesting condition where one eye gets positive correction and one gets negative correction for close up or reading uses. Means no off the shelf reading glasses solutions for me. When...
  7. stanstocker

    Drilling Very Small Holes

    I used to drill quite a few small holes while still restoring clocks and watches. Fortunately most of the time it was in the end of a shaft / arbor, so the work was spinning in the lathe and the drill bit was hand held in a pin vise and allowed to advance into the work. When I had to do a...
  8. stanstocker

    HELP, my shop is a MESS

    I've had similar family experiences to those of Lloyd-ss with my mother keeping everything, fervently believing that anything old or that an ancestor owned must have great value. We have found out that the six moving barrels packed with "antique valuable crystal and silver" was mostly just run...
  9. stanstocker

    HELP, my shop is a MESS

    I'm still seeking that photo perfect spiffy shop. I don't think they actually work, they are just an artists conception, rather like the picture on the box of frozen dinner. After three + years of building repair and restoration at our retirement place I'm getting to play in rather than work...
  10. stanstocker

    Everything is Becoming Magnetized! Help!

    I've used the coil and frame from fan motors such as those in bathroom fans to build demagnetizers. Hook up a line cord, insulate the connections, and only turn on for 30 seconds to a minute tops. The frame and coil will heat up pretty quickly. Just turn on, pass the item to demag into the...
  11. stanstocker

    Cabin Fever coming up soon!

    I'm with SteamChEng regarding the auctions. A few years ago there were huge amounts of stuff in boxes, all sorts interesting conglomerations in boxes, and some nice larger stuff as well. At least the consignment area is still in operation as before, where there are some deals to had most...
  12. stanstocker

    Taking it up a step---

    It's also not nice to come into a group with no knowledge of the players and dump a puddle of self righteous virtue signalling bs with your first post.
  13. stanstocker

    Cabin Fever coming up soon!

    I'm planning to get there, at least for Friday. Missed last year myself, though I've made it to 22 of the first 25 :) Cheers, Stan
  14. stanstocker

    Home Made Accessories for Model, Toy Steam & Internal Combustion Engines & also Modifications

    That is one heck of a collection and a lot of building and fiddling! Cheers, Stan
  15. stanstocker

    Unsatisfied !?

    I sort of liked the "beauty doesn't make it fun better" phrase! A bit stilted perhaps, but the sort of thing that you read, pause, then smile. Well done, Stan
  16. stanstocker

    4140 pre-hard

    Quickie answer: For a quick test, if you can slice off a small piece of the suspect material and heat it to a nice glowing red that a magnet won't stick to then let cool in still air. D2 tends to need an inert atmosphere for pro grade heat treat but don't sweat it for this. Once cool, if a...
  17. stanstocker

    John Tom Site

    Greetings, At least some of the site is accessible via the wayback machine on internet archive: Cheers, Stan
  18. stanstocker

    Improbability Drive MkII

    The likelihood of all those odds and ends, including some bits that are on the rare end of the spectrum, all being in the same place (Kens shop), at the same time, are completely improbable. Just some random added energy from a passing truck / lorry or a large horse fly introduced a slight...
  19. stanstocker

    Home built 1/8th Rider Ericsson Hot Air Pumping Engine

    Excellent. Doing it from scratch is quite an accomplishment, I know some of the castings were tough. This isn't one of the "easy shapes to carve" models. Now I'm getting the urge to look over the Myers castings I've had for a few years and maybe make a start. Cheers, Stan
  20. stanstocker

    Improbability Drive MkII

    Thank you kindly! Never having played with the mechanism you used I can say there is no way I would have figured it out on my own. Very clever gizmo you created there! I like your approach to doing things for the heck of it, it's a lot more fun to do something just because it pleases you that...