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    Press Fits

    Oh, its possible, just not cheap. Mitutoyo Bore Gage Set, Holtest, 0.8-2 In 368-918 | Zoro I have used this type of gauge for boring holes for ball bearing fits. They work great. Spoiled me for what I can afford at home.
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    Once upon a time the standard was sponsored by ANSI. Since the 1996 revision it has been ASME Y14.5-XXXX. I took a class from one of the guys that was on the working committee. I asked why the change. He laughed and said that ASME paid for the donuts at all the working meetings.
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    Looking for 3/8” soft steel balls

    mcmaster carr McMaster-Carr Yeah its a bag of 250 balls. but its $8.00
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    Advice on choice of material for a steamer piston

    Use google fu to find Parker Oring handbook.
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    M91 Vertical Water Cooled Hit & Miss Engine

    You can't its a premade toy sold by Bangood. Eachine ETX Hit & Miss Gas Vertical Engine Stirling Engine Model Upgraded Version Water Cooling Cycle Engine Collection
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    Need sage advise of truing up Bridgeport style vertical mill.

    You can tram as Rocket man describes without the metal plate. The plate is superior in all ways, but lacking a plate, you can do it directly on the table. I use a Test indicator and only preload it about 0.010 inches onto the table. When you swing across the t slots go sloooooooooow so you...
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    Using water to simulate molten cast iron.

    Viscosity of iron is 10x viscosity of water. That will have a significant effect...
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    Designing a Quiet Air Compressor

    There is a major difference between a compressor valve timing and an IC engine. Engine timing needs don't change. Compressor timing varies with the amount of pressure in the tank. When the tank is at zero pressure, the valve is open for the entire stroke and all of the air goes into the tank...
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    3DP material for RC methanol fuel

    Nylon would be a good one to look at. Chem compatibility should be good. Its probably a bugger to print.
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    Gear Driven Valve Train?

    Any backlash is not on the menu. If the shafts slide, they have clearance, therfore backlash. Now we are arguing about the magnitude of the lash. Since the engine turns in one direction, I don't think lash is an issue at all. When the follower goes over the nose of a cam lobe the valve spring...
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    Teflon as spark plug insulator

    when Teflon decomposes, the byproducts are extremely toxic. "Overheating of PTFE generates fumes of highly toxic PFIB and poses a serious health hazard to the human respiratory tract. PFIB is approximately ten times as toxic as phosgene [2]. Inhalation of this gas can cause pulmonary edema...
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    Corollaries to Murphy's Law

    The most important corollary: Murphy was an optimist.
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    Engine sucks but will not blow

    All, please read and comprehend what the maker of the engine has said. He takes the cylinder head (with the valves in it) OFF of the engine. With is thumb plugging the cylinder, he spins the crank. He feels suction on his thumb when the piston is descending. When the piston is rising there is...
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    Another KX1 problem

    If you can't fix it. FEATURE IT!!
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    Gingery metal shaper in cast iron?

    If you can cast iron, use it. It is far superior to aluminum in a machine tool. Gingery chose Aluminum because the barrier to entry casting is so much lower.
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    O-Ring Groove Issues

    At our work we fit round orings into odd sorta rectangular shaped grooves. These are face seals. Just have to get the circumferences right with about 2-3% stretch.
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    Reciprocating Steam Engine V.S. Compound Steam Engine, Any Difference?

    Better is a term that is too broad and hence not helpful for us or for you. What do you need from your steam engine building experience? Expound on your needs and desires and your skill and experience level and people can provide advice that might even be meaningful to you.
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    Small Heat Treat Oven

    I hope the controller you bought has an auto tune feature built in. I have used those for controlling the temp of a heat staking tool. Makes initial setup painless. Turn on the auto tune and let the thing go through its motions. Essentially it is smart enough to heat up watch the response...
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    Measure internal taper

    The rocker arm lever is a standard accessory that you can purchase for a travel indicator. Hole Attachment, Model Number 196F, for Starrett Back Plunger Variance Indicator | McMaster-Carr
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    What size hex driver?

    Useful tidbit of information. The dimension across the points of Torx bits is the same as the distance cross the corners of several hex recesses on bolts. When you have a screw that is starting to strip the recess, you can often find a torx bit that will fit nice and tight in the corners and...