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    How to make this thin wall brass part?

    Hello, i am trying to make some engine, which is probalby to big of a challenge :) , but I decided just to go on piece at a time and see if I can get all the bits and pieces machined. Now this smoke stack is next on the list. Yet I did not come up with a clever idea how to get on with it...
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    Flycutter for gear hobbing.

    A while ago I saw some "magic" single tooth flycutter used on a hobbing machine. (cannot find the youtube anymore) Now it is a little hit and miss, because I do not really understand what I am doing :) I ground a tip that should be matching the gap in a gear rack. ( I used a commercial hob to...
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    Damages during project.

    Mmh, no one to complain to so just post it on the forum? I started noting down how many tools I break during my built project. It is a little frustrating how clumsy I am...... Not a highly expensive item, and now I know they are made from cast iron. And now I do not have a matching pair...
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    Poor mans slotting head

    Hello, I am getting side tracked all the time :-). Reading this in a gear cutting thread. ..... Results in fixing my poor mans slotting head. Replaced the not very successful dove tail with a 2nd hand linear rail. Is it wasted time? Anyway sort of a fun project. As drive it has a 10:1 used...
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    Surface grinder, adding power x-travel

    I am thinking if it makes sense to put automatic x-travel, in some way, on a small fully manual surface grinder. There are some ideas I stumbled across. connecting it to my shaper. Does not work, I do not have one :) Some sort of gear motor with a crank arm. Does not seem to be a very high end...
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    Let's talk cutter grinders

    Similar problem like in the recent milling machine thread? Only difference I am upgrading from nothing to maybe giving it a thought. A grinding machine for sharpening tools. I was considering this Hemingway Kits Quorn Mk3 - Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder a fun project for sure, but not very...
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    Adjustable angle plate

    I want to mill a feature at an angle, ( I cannot tilt the milling head ). One shop offered me an adjustable angle plate similar to this one for 200 Euros, that is a little much? 8"x6" at weight 12 kg. This one is "for sale" at 934 GBP. It is 200x250 mm and approx double in weight. The first...
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    DIY drill press.

    I tried drilling some small holes and was not very successful. When the Yellow DC motor jumped at me due to its colour, 50W seemed just good enough for small drills, I gave it a chance. Maybe a gear reduction is a future addition. The small 1 inch vise I made for fun some time ago, now it has a...