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  1. Chiptosser

    Questions about bearing shells .

    You might want to get with a engine rebuilder to check for availability. Having the crank ground may give you more options of bearing sizes. Also line boring of the crank gives you more options.
  2. Chiptosser

    For Sale set of 6 wooden handled model-maker's taps (imperial sizes)

    Not to rain on your parade, but I would call those Chasers. There is no back rake or clearance for chips.
  3. Chiptosser

    Need sage advise of truing up Bridgeport style vertical mill.

    Its a matter of practice! practice, practice! If you are not using a indicator You aint doin it rite. No way around it.
  4. Chiptosser

    Trade New Holland hit& miss engine 1/2 HP 1/3 scale

    That all depends, do you have any small lead acid batteries, 3v,6v or battery trays to hold multiple dry cell batteries? Some people use their cordless tool battery. I don't know what the coil that you have can handle, you'll have to check to see if it gets hot.
  5. Chiptosser

    Need sage advise of truing up Bridgeport style vertical mill.

    I have never heard of tramming a head by moving the table up and down. Swing the spindle and adjust the head with the table locked.
  6. Chiptosser

    Trade New Holland hit& miss engine 1/2 HP 1/3 scale

    I see that there is a propane pressure regulator. The engine was being fueled by propane. As far as the wiring, positive to the switch through the coil to the post on the head. The terminal on the head should be insulated. Then ground to the base of the engine.
  7. Chiptosser

    Zdenek in the Czech Republic

    Awsome! Great Work! I would like know more about your starter motor in the future. Are you using the starter as a generator , alternator also?
  8. Chiptosser

    1/8 Rider Ericsson - Home build

    Problem silver soldering Brass and stainless???????????? Not at all. Maybe someone has had bad luck because of inexperience. Practice practice!
  9. Chiptosser

    Trade New Holland hit& miss engine 1/2 HP 1/3 scale

    Hi, Martin The ignitor trip and spring is missing. The round thing, with the tubing makes me think that it was ran on propane. A lot of people ran them on propane because it was so hard to get them to run on gas. These have a vapor mixer. The surface area in the fuel tank is so small, it is...
  10. Chiptosser

    Marks Kiln build

    dnalot The heat treat ovens that I maintained had a one piece platen floor over the bottom elements to protect the elements, as you have done. If the bottom cracks, the scale, ( oxidized material) would fall down through the crack and short the element. So, keep an eye on build up in the element.
  11. Chiptosser

    How to limit swarf into the chuck ?

    As stated earlier, there is excess clearance between the the scroll plate and the inside of the chuck body. Fill it up with grease and clean often. Don't blow air into the chuck!
  12. Chiptosser

    What kind of machine is this?

    Vary interesting! Quite possible that it was a vapor engine or a constant level vapor carb. There was a few very unusual engines from the Californian area. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Chiptosser

    What kind of machine is this?

    Dj, Where was this Oriental or Pacific engine made and what year range?
  14. Chiptosser

    What kind of machine is this?

    The coffee grinder engine! Looks to be early, it has a side shaft drive. Possible ignition timer missing. Could be a 2 cycle, more pictures, Please. The crank handle defiantly does not belong. It has a lunkenheimer mixer and some extra monkey business. you selling?
  15. Chiptosser

    Quick Change Tool Post - Need Advice

    Think that a Bxa would the better size for your 10 lathe .
  16. Chiptosser

    Moisture in oil, Flathead V8

    I'm sure you could think of an innovative use of a hair drier.
  17. Chiptosser

    Money to spend on inserts and holder for lathe

    Ah, so it is, I should have look at the chart before yapping. The shear Modulus, or modulus of rigidity is different. Just so others are not confused by this, Your mild steel component is not the same material quality as high chrome steel.
  18. Chiptosser

    Money to spend on inserts and holder for lathe

    The quality of steel does not affect the degree of flex (bowing). Quality does affect the ultimate yield point. -----and elongation. It certainly does Your telling me that D2 tool steel or an other high strength allowed steel, has the same properties of a mild steel? Most of the copy tool...
  19. Chiptosser

    is alluminium or brass better for steam engine pistons

    With an aluminum cylinder, powered by air, you would be better off using a nylitron, impreginated nylon. Why aluminum for the cylinder?
  20. Chiptosser

    Help please.

    Deox is what I refer to in the US.