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  1. minh-thanh

    Focus on something .

    I had one of my comments deleted by a forum administrator in a thread -this is the first time since i know the internet.., I was wrong and went too far , I'm sorry I have a habit of focusing only on one particular issue For example, if I join a forum about mechanics or electricity, I only...
  2. minh-thanh

    Maybe , I want , ask for too much ...

    Maybe , I want , ask for too much ... First, I want to make all kinds of engines Then I want to cast ...I want plating I want ..... Maybe it's not over yet... How about you ? When is satisfaction ? when should stop ?
  3. minh-thanh

    Defective casting .

    Probably... I'm the member who asks the most questions on this forum I have a question : how to make the casting not fail like the attached picture Thanks !
  4. minh-thanh

    Try making the engine in a different way !!

    Hi All !!! A question that I have wondered for a long time : Is it possible to make an engine ( Stirling , steam , internal combustion engine ... ) with simple tools and machinery ? So , I decided to try with the stirling engine , using basic tools and machinery and available materials . If...
  5. minh-thanh

    Forums vs Facebook groups

    Hi ALl ! I have joined a few facebook groups about model engines , but I have a feeling that it is not "appropriate" ( I cannot describe ) about homemade engines or model engines , and searching for information ... on the group is also a part problem, maybe it's appropriate for a photo gallery...
  6. minh-thanh

    Homemade sandblasters .

    I watch a lot of videos about homemade sandblasters on youtube I have a question : Has anyone here ever built a sandblaster and used it on your model engine ?
  7. minh-thanh

    Broken crankshaft !?

    Broken crankshaft !? Last night, I just assembled the engine and did some tests... And the crankshaft broke, It seems that the cause is the material Have you ever encountered this case ?
  8. minh-thanh

    Alternator for ignition .

    Hi Everyone ! Has anyone built or tried making a generator and using the generated electricity to supply power for the ignition circuit? If no one has done it , is it possible ? All opinions are welcome ! Thanks .
  9. minh-thanh

    How to limit swarf into the chuck ?

    Hi All ! How to limit swarf into the chuck ? An issue that I really hate Do you have suggestions ?
  10. minh-thanh

    Have you ever felt lazy or no longer interested to build engines ?

    Hi All ! Have you ever felt lazy or no longer interested to build engines ? Now, I feel lazy in building the engine And you ?
  11. minh-thanh

    Make small glow plug for diesel engine : Is it possible ?

    Hi All ! I intend to make small glow plug for diesel engine Do you think is possible ? Any comments are welcome ! Thanks .
  12. minh-thanh

    It's time we read and relearn the forum rules!!!

    I visit the forum often, even though I'm not online I have read many comments about politics, people... It's time we read and relearn the forum rules!!! And it seems to be the rule of almost all forums, groups.... and it very easy to do it . But I don't understand why some people can't do...
  13. minh-thanh

    Amount of lubricating oil .

    Hi All ! How to determine the right amount of lubricating oil in crankcase of engine ? Thanks !
  14. minh-thanh

    Diesel engine : Kromhout Gardner 4LW 1940

    After searching for a diesel engine I just want the engine to have 4 cyl , because maybe I don't have the patience to make the engine have more than 4 cyl Maybe this is what I like Maybe I'll make one Kromhout Gardner 4LW 1940
  15. minh-thanh


    Hi All !! During the lockdown due to the epidemic, I drew a few engines A job that helps me forget the difficulties....
  16. minh-thanh

    Happy Christmas ! Happy new year : 2021

    I wish you a happy Christmas ! Wishing You A New Year Filled With Peace, Love & Happiness !!
  17. minh-thanh

    A project that I aim to !

    Hi everybody ! A project that I aim to : Ford-model A 1930
  18. minh-thanh

    What can small stirling engine do ?!

    Hi All ! My new stirling engine : diameter of the power cylinder : 8 mm And it can do a lot of things :
  19. minh-thanh

    Cooling water for small engine !

    Hi Everybody ! What kind of water do you use for cooling ? Thanks !
  20. minh-thanh

    Copyright !! Again.

    Hi All ! I have seen a few projects here, and quite a lot of images and videos about small engines on the internet, I quite like some kind of engine. I have a question: If I based on the engine images in the forum, the internet and design and build a similar engine, is this okay?, is this...