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  1. D and D

    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

    A twin based loosely on the Westbury Wallaby nearing completion.
  2. D and D

    Crossley Vertical, Topsy Turvy Hybrid

    Crossley Vertical, Topsy Turvy Hybrid The project was a variation of a model of the Crossley Vertical Gas engine with some ideas borrowed from an engine model by Philip Duclos, I call it the Topsy Turvy Hybrid, unlike the Philip Duclos model this one is balanced and is smooth as silk mostly due...
  3. D and D

    Good morning from Australia

    Good morning from Australia Thanks for having me. I am a nearly retired aircraft maintenance engineer with an interest in model petrol engines. Here are a couple of videos of my projects. Crossley Vertical Topsy Turvy hybrid hit and miss engine 2 - YouTube Nova Twin First Run 15 Dec 2012 2 -...